The day of your birth say about you: People Wednesday – the eternal children, and only Saturday …..

Make sure that there is some truth in the description of your character according to the day on which you were born.


You are changeable moods, but also deeply emotional. You are subject to the physical transformation, because very often change the image or hair color. In any case, people are very interesting Monday. The main feature you euphoric mood. Often you fall in love and dream to settle down next to one person for life. You are attracted to the idea of ​​the family business, the authority you mean punishment.

People born on Tuesday are very impulsive nature. Often affect your fear and you are very warlike. If good channeling your energy you can expect great success in sports activities. You need to evince physical strength, but in a constructive way. Tuesday People are generally nice materials, very durable and vital. Career you is very important and if you do not get the desired direction can occur frustration.

You will see in my life to keep a youthful appearance. Always looking forward, people will love you and your presence. On the other hand, you know how to be flattering and cunning to achieve certain goals. Easily adapts to any situation, and you are able to make rational decisions. You can accomplish in writing and philosophy. The emotions you are often very calculating. The village is easy to fall in love, do not use it.

You are the eternal champion of justice. However, you strive to achieve material wealth and enjoy the luxuries. Love affairs you are not a party theme, as you tilt all earthly pleasures. Understand that gives hope to others and provide support, rather than himself. You are loyal friends and good parents. It happens that often get into trouble, or have any pull inexplicable ways.

You were the main driver of love. Unlike humans born on Wednesday, you respond with the heart, not the mind. In all seek and find harmony and beauty. Here the emphasis is on partnership relations in this field rarely have moments ” idle ”. Home and family are very important to you and express dissatisfaction if you find yourself on the field that you are not good. However, you are not in the boat faithful partner. Youth is dedicated to his career, but success comes in later years.


Here is a very reliable and responsible person. As good organizer with you on a business field, there are no surprises. While you are faithful and loyal to friends you do not like to be too intimizirate. Before you decide to solitude than at any cost to spend time with someone who does not suit you completely. You tend to solitude and isolation, and in some extreme cases, people born on Saturday may even be evil.

These are people who earn tremendous strides. Glitz and glamor is present and all they succeed. The dominant position in the awe-inspiring surroundings. Yet here medal has two sides. If you indulge too easy life can become proud and edges of the material. People in every sphere of life expect the best because they feel that they naturally belong. Their vanity requires them to have the main say, and has therefore chosen friends.