The division of the zodiac signs of the zodiac (astrology)

One of the divisions Zodjijaka is a division of the zodiacal signs. Zodiac has 12 signs of the zodiac, and each character has its own characteristics that highlight a person born in a particular sign. So, if we know where the sign is born but we know some of his character traits.


First, the youngest sign of the zodiac that belongs to the group of fire signs, ruled by the planet Mars, and gives strength, stamina, aggressiveness, impatience and eternal longing for action of any kind. Aries is the leader, the leader, likes to love and when he hates, he hates my guts. Cardinal, male character, expressed sexual energy and resources, possessive, jealous, stubborn, and characterizes the sentence I AM. Typically, average height, rather thin than thick, athletic type, clear and penetrating eyes, brighter colors. Mars brings them their ruler constant voltage, and hence possible neuralgia, migraine, problems with the eyes and frequent head injuries. Puno Rams have among athletes, soldiers, physicians / surgeons /, Masinci …


Another sign in the Zodiac, which belongs to the earth signs, fixed, female character. Taurus government of the planet Venus, which gives him a love for the material and a deep insecurity and hurt if that love has no basis in the material, of course. Bulls adherent intentions are worthy, hedonists, love and know how to enjoy everything, food, drink, opposite sex, beautiful surroundings and expensive things. A sentence that describes the bulls I have. Bulls are traditionalists, conservatives, rarely engage in new ventures and prefer to stick to the old and proven scheme, old friends, old and transaction environments. The most common are low-growth, strong build, plump, with dark hair and eyes, perhaps wavy or curly hair. Weak points Bikova the vocal cords, larynx, thyroid gland. The most common occupations Bikova as agriculture, construction, economics or singing.


The third sign of the zodiac, which belongs to the air signs, changeable, male, characterized by a sentence I think. Gemini ruled by the planet Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, called the messenger of the gods. The twins were cheerful spirit, restless nature, skilled speakers, more skilled dealers, childish and often contradictory. Very skilled with words that are also their greatest weapon. Youthful appearance and spirit deep into old age. Usually taller, darker hair and eyes, cheerful. Gentle mental constitution, sensitive nerves and a lung injury caused when the first hurt his arms and shoulder belt. A lot of Gemini can be found among politicians, marketers, journalists, diplomats, as well as among thieves, and criminals.


The fourth sign of the Zodiac which is characterized by a sentence I feel. Water, cardinal, female character, phlegmatic temperament ruled by the moon. Crabs are a romantic soul, rather emotional than rational, imaginative and definitely subordinate emotions and instincts. Very tolerant but often know and to lose control and then better that they’re not around. Lower growth, round face and pale complexion, warm eyes, less vitality and too much sensitivity often suffer from gastritis and indigestion. As a water sign susceptible to viral infections and inflammation of the mammary glands. Crabs are in politics, the arts, humanitarian work. And all matters relating to children.


What characterizes the Lions I want. The fifth sign of the zodiac, fire, male character, temperament koleričnog. The ruler of Leo is the sun that gives us life, light and heat, and about whom to turn to other planets. Leo has a huge life energy, dynamism, it is very ambitious, dignified and always the center of attention. Honest, tradition-oriented, loyal with a strong sense of protection of children and young people. Lava and you can attack, but not his child. Usually higher growth, strong build, wavy or curly hair, reddish or bright, brighter eyes and penetrating, full red lips. Good health, resistance to disease, in later years usually have problems with pressure, circulatory and heart. The spine and eyes also can receive problem. Lions belong to the leading role in society and the community, and can be found in commerce, medicine, pedagogy …


The sixth sign of the zodiac, earth, mutable, feminine, melancholic temperament. Manages the sentence analyze. Virgin is ruled by Mercury and it is restrained, withdrawn, suspicious and endlessly analytical. Often the true qualities of the Virgin and can not detect because of their closeness and non-expression of feelings which are masters. Hypersensitive, pessimists, high intellect and always strive for perfection, worthy, pure. They cling to the clothes, especially the prices marked pieces … Higher growth, well-proportioned, lovely complexion and often have problems with their feet. Hoses their weak point, and often suffer from rheumatism. Device are good traders / food / medical workers, critics …


The seventh sign of the zodiac, air, cardinal, male sign sangviničnog temperament characterized by JA sentence balances. The ruler of Libra is Venus so they Scales beautiful people, fine manners, with a sense of aesthetics, people strong perception, quick, traditionalists, elegant but quite hesitant in decision making. Dugo weighing pros and cons, and then returns odluku.Višeg growth, well-built, beautiful hair and eyes, usually darker in color. They love to eat nice but often have a problem with the kidneys, bladder and stomach, as well as glands. Among Libra has a lot of artists, merchants, and people of public interest …


The eighth sign of the Zodiac which is characterized by a sentence I want. Water, fixed, female character phlegmatic temperament. The ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, so thanks to him the people of this sign have some strange mystery, power, and the statistics a large number of the types of people he was born in this sign / as in fish and air, water also means / With great intelligence they possess or correct people or those who are engaged in at the edge of the law. Deep in the strong feelings expressed and sexual appetite. Usually medium height, strong body and muscles, lush hair, interesting striking eyes. Good health, resistant, but when ill, suffer first, ureters, bladder regenerative organs and rheumatism im not away. There are among the detectives, psychiatrists, astrologers, soldiers, doctors and of course criminals.


The ninth sign of the Zodiac which is characterized by a sentence I can see. Fire sign, mutable, masculine character, temperament koleričnog. The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter but these people are intelligent, wise, analatični, flexible, honest, adventurous izražemog with ever-present desire to travel. The tall, well-built, beautiful legs, brown hair and eyes and in later years prone to weight gain especially at bedrima.Dobrog health generally or prone to physical and nervous exhaustion. They love to eat, so get fat around the thighs to them also the most vulnerable point, and are prone to sciatica and rheumatism. Usually choose professions related to sports, politics, science and art.


The tenth sign of the Zodiac which leads phrase I use. Earthy, cardinal, female character, melancholic temperament. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, and they are successful in earnings, acquisition, and the money is not squandered, but also save sometimes also skimp. They love to be materially secure, always have more than the other characters, but it does not show anything. Active, diligent, persistent, orderly, stubborn traditionalists. Typically, medium height, koščatije build, brighter eyes and even hair. Prone to depression and weak points of their bone and joint, skin and teeth. Tropic has among real estate agents, agronomists, bankers and artists.


The eleventh sign of the zodiac, air, fixed, male character, temperament characterized by sangviničnog sentence I KNOW. Ruler of Aquarius Uranus, strange and mysterious planet of sudden turns, so the Aquarian strange, mysterious, very clear and also very sensitive to criticism. Variable behavior and frequently hypochondriac, loyal, good as prijateljii, very open-minded. Usually lower growth, darker hair and eyes, a prominent nose. Health their vulnerability stomach, circulation and little instability as the nervous system. Puno Aquarius has among engineers, journalists, computer scientists, artists and astrologers …


The twelfth sign of the Zodiac which leads sentence I believe. Water, mutable, feminine character, phlegmatic temperament. The ruler of Pisces is Neptune and people born under this sign mysterious, complicated, very sensitive to actions or hesitant, and very loyal. Lower growth, bledunjavog complexion, lighter eyes and looked a bit stiff. Frail and weak point of their legs, ankles and feet and nerves. Nice to manage the issues related to water, shipbuilding, may be fishermen, captains of ships, and there are all kinds of art. A lot of fish there and among politicians as well as the issues related to religion and church.