The eleventh astrological field-friends, hopes, wishes, free will, prosperity ….

Astrological field: Eleventh

Element and Meaning: Air – ideas, contacts, understanding, sociability, communication, intellect highlighted

The quality and meaning: Sledujuća – individual desire and need for control, security

The modern meaning of the fields: friends, hopes, wishes, free will, prosperity, adopted children, organizations, pensions

The traditional meaning of fields: friendship, Ministry of Finance, ammunition in the war, Hall, hope, faith, government feet to the ankles, by virtue is similar to the seventh or fourth field

Esoteric meaning of fields: the service of humanity, spiritual groups, group reincarnation

Numerological meaning of the fields: intuition, practicality, sensitivity, revelation, spiritual insight, the male-female principle

Natural sign: Aquarius

Planeta ruler: the Sun

Planet rejoices in this field: Jupiter