The event wishes – purple exercise

You will never manifest the things to which you have a great resistance. The reasons why you have a great resistance and prevent you right to manifest. And these are the reasons usually related to lack, disability, poverty, no … (fill in the string itself). This exercise will help you to see what the focus is and what the focus is, and if you think of something you can not manifest that you realize that the problem is behind it …

Focus requires full presence on the object of observation. No wandering thoughts on how you can eat that Snickers and should turn the washing machine, no thoughts, no matter what it does not, what pounding this … So, the presence is when you decide / choose to intentionally and deliberately, facilities, people and situations (which are normally present in your environment) look like what you want to see. Here I do not mean the heavy emotional relationships where someone yells at you and you have to imagine that everything is in order. No, this exercise is done in terms of peace and relaxation.

If you want to manifest a relationship that is otherwise emotionally difficult, the best way to change this is to re-imagine the situation with that person, where it will be positive, peaceful and relaxed. Of course you can not do that in front of the person. Can not solve the problem angry boss standing in front of him as a fire-breathing, imagine a clear sky. No, then you usually come to destroy it with a brick in the head. Therefore, it is important to be with yourself and relaxed.

If you really, really want to …
And then, if you really, really want something to change, start with exercise. Maybe someone will think, but what I do not want to change, of course I do. Well … not always the case, sometimes it makes it easier, better and safer to continue with their daily dramas, because it gives us some comfort and consolation that it is worth. Many of the drama which essentially means nothing except that we are part of the collective. When you talk bad about politics, but when someone tells something bad, and we’re talking about, horror, scary, I can not believe i like.

Drama buzzwords as part of identity
This drama buzzwords that have become part of the cultural myth that is in fact divided into male and female gender, the World Cup, pms, Friday 13 and many other excuses are nothing but proof that we belong to a group, come out of the village / town, etc. We actually confirm the identity of what we learned, and we often do not use these skills, especially if they are stunted and crossed the fifth year of life, and we have for 35 years. So, before you start with this exercise you need to know what is behind this exercise.

It’s not the same when you yourself are trying to work out in the gym, not knowing what you are doing and when someone explains why this is the correct move, but why not. This part was trying to get you into the story decisions (are you ready to leave angry boss aside and really solve the problem with him, or is still beautiful to every insult upon him) and the story of focus (if you’re really ready to leave doubts aside and passing thoughts about what today washed, ironed, pay, etc.).

The event as a concept and as a manifestation of the action
I would also point out that, for some events will be enough to just imagine what you want to see the other will require concrete action. Again, you can not imagine your abs and on the basis that they manifest. However, changing attitudes towards exercise, sit-ups and generally make you easier to decide to exercise. Thus, during the manifestation, depending on what you manifest will have to make two important decisions.

The first decision is to change your thoughts to something, and the other is to start doing something about it. Translated into the language of the gym and practice it means that you first make the decision to visualize yourself how you practice and then … someone to come and offer you, for example, a month of free exercise in the gym … Depending on whether you will under no circumstances accept this offer, the see whether and how you want to visualize.

Headache and resistance
Finally, when working on this exercise, you may get a headache, because it literally forces himself not to see things as they are, but how you imagined. And just as each state in which we are not used and is not part of us, raises resistance, so likely this. Here’s all that matters to determine if it is a little headache as a sacrifice worth it to manifest something or prove that this exercise works.

Each person extent of their sacrifices for someone or something against estimates of how much this is good for her (whether spiritual or physical). But how do you know if something is good for you or not? If it is functional, if it makes you feel any better if others feel better … that’s it. How to know if you are ready to get down to it that you do better?

Answer this question: “What are you going to sacrifice and what you give up to make you feel better?” Will it be a little headache, one hour of exercise in the gym, five minutes off, but sincere talks with … Technical sacrifice what you have for what you want, determine how much you want something strong.

If this attitude at least partially fits, let’s move on …

purple Exercise
This is an exercise that I called “Purple exercise” and has nothing to do with attracting the desired things in your vibration environment. This is somewhat simplified Law of Attraction, but I will not now dwell much on it. The point then is that everything you want to see and what you want to experience in your environment is, however, thinking, talking and looking at things in only one way, you will have a tendency to like experience over and over again and that you acknowledge yourself.

How do all the things I like to check in practice, during the introduction to the theory of vibrations I wanted to see if this is really so. I do not think I started to visualize and imagine things according to which they normally have some sort of resistance, knowing that it is this resistance and without to see some results, I went with something that is, so to speak, less difficult.

purple process
While I was waiting for the bus, I decided that I’ll ever since I got on the bus by the time I get out of it, deliberately looking purple things. Since it is the brain in a certain sense it is impossible to present, the only way for that to happen is to say that lying to your brain. Remember, before lying to the brain, you must first decide that you are going to work with a certain intention.

I say this because you’re probably familiar with the endless affirmation you speak over and over again and have no effect. This is because you do not think when you say things because these affirmations are not saying anything actually decided. I do not think anyone stopped, looked affirmation and said: “it is this affirmation will change my life. It will be the way I imagined! “No, the person will choose an affirmation and repeat it 300 times, because both need while going head voice (this does not work).

The bus
So, get on the bus and exercise moves. I see people around me, I look at their clothes, bags, face, hair (not a maniac, do not worry: D), I look then the trees, birds, children, their backpacks and talking to himself, “it’s so nice this purple scarf, this girl has beautiful purple hair (???), this girl has a beautiful purple backpack with purple Mickey Mouse and it was nice to all paired with purple shoes. “(this is real I saw, but I told myself).

That does not make sense, but it’s kind of the point. The brain does not see the logic, it is only a receiver of information and connects things by experience, that’s all. I think astrology is a practical example of that logic is not always true for everyone. Anyway, all I see purple, to the smallest detail. People, remember the most important rule visualization DETAILS !!!

It’s been a couple of minutes, at one point started to enter women really purple bags, believe me, one also had purple hair (?), And shocks are just followed. At the traffic lights in front of us went almost empty bus with a woman holding what? LJUBICASTI cash! And after that went the entire truck with some purple sign (do not know which is the language in question).

Still in shock, but now with an attitude, “this is pretty interesting, let’s continue to” stay in the transport of doing exactly the same thing and I see a whole bunch of purple characters: two grandmothers walking in purple sweater, while in front of them a girl pulling purple case, and the buses just passing women in purple Bajs! I wonder if there is the end of this parroting

The place was when I came out of buses … Why?

Because I put the focus on the work that had to be done …

So when we talk about focus and visualization and all the things you want to attract, try to see it in every person and every situation, imagining things in as much detail as you imagine it so it becomes your primary interest and emotion. Let this be a reminder to exercise or try the next time you remind yourself that these things are possible, but it requires determination, intention, exercise and lying brain (in a literal way) and very soon you will see the signs.

zero dinars
Another situation that I actually happened to me when I was out of money, and I returned from Belgrade in your pocket I have zero dinars, and should also pay Peron. Well, except that I have to ask the conductor to let me ride for free to Novi Sad, I need to pray and “horrific” the platform guard to let me go.

Again, I’m on my practice and began to talk to myself, “here’s a thousand pounds on the earth” (although I saw a stone. I went to both the station and told myself that I see five hundred pounds, a thousand pounds … of course it was my inner voice … I screamed out loud to see a thousand pounds, but I wonder what would happen: D).

That moment may have lasted some 10 minutes. So I consciously engage in search of money in the country and deliberately instead of stone, bags of chips and garbage cans, talking to himself a thousand pounds.

I did not find the money.


At the time of the conversation with another person who is in this situation “zero pounds” was with me, an unknown man was overheard our conversation and approached us with a view that we pay for tickets, because that very day got some big money and what to do with them if not to help … really, I have nothing more to say except that if you are looking for something long enough you will not only find it, but you will find more than that.

I’m not saying this philosophy of work, but really, at that moment I just got some help from a stranger, but I learned what it really means to give generously to someone. I even offered the first opportunity to get the money back … gentleman did not want …

The brain does not have eyes
So, at times asking for purple or money or anything else in life, you can get so many other things that will make you the process of getting as much delight to be an end in itself to lose meaning. However, to get to the star, we have to do the hard work, and that is that if you want to see, we have to literally pretend to see, because the brain remember, no eyes, he sees what we tell it to see .

Decide if you see something else
Maybe someone does not match this moment lying to himself. But remember not the point to go around and lie to yourself to see something, you have to actually decide that you are going to see (as in purple exercise, even though my eyes have seen the blue headscarf, I told myself that no matter this is purple and so respectively).

Also, when I got on the bus, I was very frustrated by the fact that it is now up to a certain point I have to manifest, I was just where I am, with full focus on other people and the environment, giving their characteristic purple color. And that’s the whole philosophy, but my advice is to go with something which can not be afraid that you will lose something that you’re not related, this is the best way to practice.

And of course, exercise … no one got a six-pack of potato chips, Coca-Cola and many hours of sitting in one place. So, how hard to stomach, and with purple, and tomorrow, and success, partner, children, life in general … The intention, decision, focus, literal perception changes (lying brain) and exercise and that’s all.

Think of a situation when you were very determined and ready to solve the problem, no matter the obstacles. How did you and did you see barriers?
If you still find it difficult to think of everything that I wrote back yourself into a situation where you were committed, whether it’s training, whether it is a job, a situation that everyone else seemed to be difficult, but you do not … How did you behaved, what you saw, how you feel, and most importantly, how you are and whether you see barriers? These are also situations that can help to remember that when the brain is in focus and determined, although there are obstacles, he does not see also. And this is evident from the examples of “successful people”.

Success = Focus / Determination / Action
The reason why the success of putting in quotes is because success today in the context of material things, but just the opposite, all successful people are actually perfectly focused and practice (not to see what other OTHERWISE see), until they become what the practicing.

When exercise becomes a part of being, so that you forget why you even started with exercise, then you are actually successful.