The exact date of the birth of Christ

Many mistakenly believe that the new era is counted from the birth of Christ. The exact date of the birth of Christ is calculated with several methods a single method to calculate the authors of the “new chronology” of Anatoly Fomenko and Gleb Nosovski. For the study of ancient documents used its author: mathematical and statistical methods and astronomical dating. They discovered that the real chronological development of mankind, is much shorter than generally accepted. So most of the historical events took place much later than we used to think, including the birth of Christ. It is a matter of historical-chronological nature and not related to any issues theological in nature, religious teachings nor Christianity nor any other profession, and the question of calculating the date is purely a scientific question. Calculating the date by using applied mathematics tells you when it is actually lived, Jesus Christ. Chroniclers have decided to share the history of mankind into two eras: up to Christ’s birth and after. Scientists call these periods: BC and AD. New era supposedly began with the birth of Jesus Christ. But say so, or is regarded as a big mistake. The date of Christ’s birth, was finally formed only in the middle of the sixteenth century, at the time of the Gregorian calendar reform. Sam reform dating weather has disrupted access to the true date of the event. After a Document first known birth of Christ calculate the monk Dionysius Exiguus (Dionysius exiguus). Astronomical science has developed in the XVII – XVll century. And at that time the wrong date had already been canonized, in the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church, and then by the Orthodox Church. In the XV, XVI, XVll century dates are not written today. In the Middle Ages, were used two kinds of record named Savior. Latin letter “I” the first letter of the name of Jesus and the Latin letter X – the first letter of the name of Christ. And when they have to write, for example, the 300th anniversary of the birth of Christ, wrote the i300, or 300 years from Jesus. To write the third century since the birth of Christ wrote XllI, that is LLI life of Christ. The obvious example is the brand issued by L. Elzevir, which dates from 1595. The indicator was the date in 1524 on engraving by Albrecht Dürer. We see that the first letter “I” is not only a point separated from the other digits, but it is also perfectly correctly written as the Latin “and” with the item. In other words, the first letter of the name Jesus. On the Russian military naval map, created during the reign of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, XVll mid-century. The map clearly written “Kranšat” Maritime accurate map. Written and measure at the behest of her Imperial Majesty 740. Nagajev the captain of the fleet, made 750 years ago. The numbers 740 and 750 are written even without the letter “I”. A 750 years VllI life, not XVll life. There are many such examples. Most likely, the Latin letter “I” began to be interpreted as 1000, the letter “X” as the 10, but not before the end of the sixteenth century. I therefore have made the history of mankind for the whole of 1000. older years. But the old documents contain a second, more important information. It turns out that in ancient texts can be found directly Gospels dating events. These dates are for example in the ancient Russian Paley, from Rumjancevskog Fund All-Russian State Library. Paleja the old church books already out of use. But to XVll century it was replaced Russian readers of the Old Testament Bible. In Palej the story and the events of the New Testament. Sometimes she even amended the gospel. Paleja is essentially different from the present canon of the Old Testament. It was not just an addition to the Bible, but completely independent books. But she described the same events as the contemporary canonical Bible. In Paley in clear text points out simultaneously on three dates: birth, baptism and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. These dates are written in two ways. The first is the well-known method of calculating years after the Byzantine era from Adam. A second – that came out of the use of the old Ijetopisni way – “indiction”. It turns out that these dates are written in two different ways disagree, although they should not overlap. Calculation of years from Adam, the number is written a number. It’s like a virtually infinite timer. Such computing use today, only the starting point for calculating the other, the birth of Christ. Now let’s look at indiktni way of writing the date. This method is used a lot in the old chronicles. In calculating the Indiktnom were not writing a number as today, but with three. Of which each number has changed, in different limits. Each of the three numbers had its own name: indiction, the circle of the sun and moon circle. Each of them each year increased by one. And when you reach the limit, he returned to the unit. Then again been increasing every year for one. In this way, instead of one in principle infinite counting years in Indiktnom mode were used three limited cyclical counter. They represented the year with three small number of them have not been able to get out of the prescribed limits. These numbers are of the indiction, which varied from 1 to 15. The circle of the sun, is varied from 1 to 28 and the circuit of the moon, are changed from 1 to 19. The numbers in the threshold value calculating indiktnom: 15, 28 and 19 are not divisible among themselves, each other are free, have no common divisor. So, I repeat any of them could happen only through the number of years that is equal to their product. When you multiply them together, we get the 7980th In this way, repeating indiktnog date only happens once every 7980 years. In other words, the range of time lasting almost 8000 g. indiktni way records was completely unequivocal. Let’s look Paleju, on the occasion of the birth of Christ it is said: “In the year 5500 was born in the body of the eternal King, the Lord God us- Jesus Christ on December 25th. “Here is mentioned 5500. year, date from the Byzantine era from Adam. This year is written on Indiktni way: Circle of the Sun was at 13 months – 10; Indiction – 15 day- week 7 hours. But written 5500 years should the Indiktni way to be like this: indiction – 10th round of the Sun – and Moon 12 – 9. A similar picture we see discrepancies date and the dates of baptism and crucifixion. How could this happen? Is copyists were difficult to correct records the date and match them meuđsobno. Fomenko and Nosovski assumed that scribes chronicle simply are not able to correct the old dates written on Indiktni way, because they did not understand, it’s archaic system of recording years. Dates from the Byzantine era from Adam copyists and editors have begun to enroll in the chronicles of the sixteenth-century XVll. And the old, the first source, who previously copied or edited date from Adam, as a rule, no. Instead they were archaic, indiktni dates. Although trying to preserve the original date indiktni scribes were able to make mistakes, because they did not fully understand their meaning. For example, mingled circle the moon and age of the moon, it is not the same. This could lead to errors of many years. The researchers explained that in addition to random errors, could be a system error, repeated, and are associated with a lack of understanding of some circumstances. These errors could occur because of two main reasons: The first reason: Not matching the starting point of change three cycles over the years. For example, for indiktni number, it is important when, in what month of the new year begins. Beginning of the year in September, that is, from the first of September is considered to be of Byzantine origin. In the old days there was also the June or the beginning of the Egyptian new year, associated with the early harvest. You can exclude the beginning indiction in March and January. Another reason: The old way of counting the so-called circle of the sun – “vruceleto” on fingers hand table for representing the circle of the sun and moon circle drawn in the form of two man’s hands. One of them left refers to circle the Sun, called the hand of Damascus. Circle of the Sun is writing down the four fingers from the index finger to the little finger. Today at Damascus hand circles the Sun increases from left to right. From the index finger to the little finger. In ancient times, more than likely have been written down from right to left as you write today Arabs. It turns out that doing so not later scribes who copied indiktne dates that correspond to the dates of Adam. In fact this systemic error discovered Fomenko and Nosovski. Due to the Paley exist simultaneously three dates of birth, baptism and crucifixion appears hopes to ispravitii those mistakes and that will determine the true dates. For solving this task is not jednostavanog Fomenko and Nosovski made a special computer program. After performing relatively complex computations, which was simply unavailable editors XVll-XVII century. Fomenko and Nosovski were given several possible date of Christ’s birth. According to Christian tradition, between birth and baptism 30 years ago. But, between birth and crucifixion – 33 years. Fomenko and Nosovski discussed all possible options, and found that there are only two solutions that exactly match the evangelical description. Since these two have chosen this solution is confirmed by other sources. It turns out that the solution to the following: birth – December 1152. god .; Baptism – January 1182. god .; Crucifixion – March 1185 .. This is the time of the earthly life of Jesus Christ is the XII century BC. Unexpectedly, the official history of the birth of Christ can be found by simply calculating and in old documents Theatrum Historicum that describes the history of the world from creation to 1680 years. The document is called “Featron or historical overview” (Theatrum Historicum). The document was written in Latin by Bishop Wilhelm Stratemann in XVll century. 1720. god. By order of Peter I of this book was translated into Russian and Bishop rjazjanski muromski, Gavrilo Buzinská. But in May 1749 by a decree of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna “Featron” is prohibited. Virtually all specimens were zaplijenjeni.U this book deals with the Christian celebration of the anniversary, which they celebrated in the Vatican from XllI to the XVI century. Gleb Novsovski: We call this book “Lutheran chronology” because it is written with a very pronounced Lutheran point of view, it describes all the world’s history as prior history of Lutheranism. The book was printed in 1684. Here the details of the jubilees. Detailed calculations over the Jubilee proves that the event is the birth took place in mid-XII century. Anniversaries are celebrations of the birth of Christ. They celebrated is not every year, but after a number of years. Which years were supposed to celebrate anniversaries, fortified by the Roman popes. The first, which found these dates was Pope Urban IV. In 1389 he established the celebration of the Jubilee every 30 years. I first such celebration was after one year – 1390. god. But Pope Boniface IX ordered to celebrate jubilees not after 30 years, but after 10 years. This rule is kept in the Vatican until 1450. And from the year 1450. at the behest of Pope Nicholas VI jubilees began to celebrate after 50 godina.To actually contains a single proof. Using no complicated mathematical computations can be determined that the dates in which they might be born Christ opinion by medieval popes. If the year 1390. Jubilee celebrated as a 30-year-old, that is increased by X times 30 years of birth and the year 1450, as a 50-year-old that is increased by 50, we get the following dates: 1300. g; 1150 g; 1000 g; 850. g .; 700. g .; 550. g .; 400. g .; 250. g .; 100. g .; -50. g. and so on with an interval of 150 years. It is surprising that the list has obtained the first year of a new era that historians considered the year of the birth of Christ. It turns out that unlike chronicler XVI – XVll century, the Roman Pope XIV century, because something did not believe that Christ was born in the first century AD. And most interesting is that within these dates 1150 years. And that is the date which is practically coincides with the date of the Russian Palaj. Of course it would be admitted XII century to the birth of Christ are not sufficient two ancient documents. But there are other confirmation of this date. For example: the astronomical dating of the appearance of the star of Bethlehem. For the period earthly life of Jesus Christ are linked to two major astronomical events. One is a total eclipse of the Sun on the day of Christ’s death. Another phenomenon is the explosion of new stars in the year of birth of the Savior. In the Gospel this event has been described as the phenomenon of Bethlehem star. When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the time of Herod in Jerusalem, they came wise men from the east and asked: “Where is the newborn King of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and are come to worship him. ” The explosion of a star explosion in the Cosmos is why the remains of a star burst in different directions and sometimes form clusters and nebulae. One such explosion left behind the nebula in the constellation of Taurus, which is called “Crab Nebula”. For a long time it was thought that the explosion of a star in the constellation of Taurus occurred in 1054. This date is set in the ancient chronicles. The interest in this nebula appeared in the late XIX century. In 1899 it made its first photo. In the twentieth century the nebula are seriously engaged scientists: Lamplant, Duncan, Baade, Trimble, bulls, Mjurej, Njugent. It turns out that the date in 1054 god. which is listed in the chronicles is not correct. Because the astronomers were able to determine the exact time of formation of the Crab nebula. How is this done? In the photographs taken in the emission lines of hydrogen, this nebula looks like a “crab”. light in the visible spectrum magina this takes the form of clouds. But this cloud has a very bright emission lines of hydrogen, they are raspberry. Astronomers have measured the rate of expansion of the nebula in its individual areas. According to this data can determine the age of this nebula or the date of the explosion. In the case of explosion to burst the star remains in the radial direction. During the first few thousand years the speed of expansion remains of a star can be considered uniform, since Kosmos vacuum, which has almost no resistance. This is confirmed by photos Crab Nebula, made at different times. Based on photos from 1899, 1973, photo from 2000, it has been found that it is a gradual slowing-covered fragments. Modern equipment allows to calculate the date of explosions quickly and accurately. He measured the speed of fragment burst and the distance at which they were able to fly. Then the distance is divided by speed and yields during the year. The resulting number of years is read back, to give the date of the explosion. The results obtained by various scientists are in a period of time from 1110 to 1170. So the ancient chroniclers are mistaken and supernova explosions in stars which formed Crab Nebula occurred in the XII century AD. This time interval is the date of the birth of Christ, which are found Fomenko and the Russian Nosovski Paley and Featronu, 1150 – 1152 years, so this is probably the star of Bethlehem. The fact that the star exploded in mid-XII century, there’s also an astronomical fact. The Gospel says that the star is not just shone, but went a leading wise men to the place of birth of Christ. “And lo, the star, which they saw in the east went before them, and finally stopped at a place where there were a newborn baby.” This description is reminiscent of the movement of the comet. General phenomenon of the comet is a very unusual occurrence. As a rule, the comet appears in the morning or evening. Its huge tails spread across the sky. Such a phenomenon can not be unnoticed by mankind. If Matthew does describe a comet not surprising that many old pictures on the birth of Christ the star of Bethlehem is shown with clear tail. For example, Picture CDs Giotto bondone di-a “Homeage of Kings” visible is the tail of this star stretched to the left and above. So almost certainly, the artist painted a comet and not a star, whose air indicating the location of the newborn Christ. Or the image of “birth” of the medieval artist Albrecht Altdorfer (Albrecht Altdorfer). And here is a picture on the altar that was in the sixteenth century painted by Albert Dürer. Above the arch are clearly painted two lights. stars and some elongated shiny ball with angel inside. Probably in the year of the birth of Christ, in addition to the explosion of new stars, people have seen the famous Halley’s comet. These astronomical phenomena they were so powerful that it is possible that they were associated in the minds of people as a unique event. Is it possible to calculate whether there is, for example, Comet Halley in 1152. god.? Rotation period of Halley’s Comet around the Sun is 76 years old. Therefore, it can be calculated with high accuracy all the dates it occurs over several thousand years. The last time Halley’s comet was observed in 1986. If we subtract 1986 from 11 times after 76 years obtained in 1150. So the star of Bethlehem and Halley’s comet appeared simultaneously in 1150. god. Zodiac Zodiac Christ and Osiris are obviously different names for identical heavenly arrangement. From ancient times, has come to us and other astronomical confirmation of the exact date of Jesus’ birth and crucifixion. Nobody left by ancient and medieval astronomers. They write these dates as a sign. Today, many people mistakenly think that the horoscope is connected only with astrology. In astronomy, horoscope is called the position of the planets at the constellations of the zodiac. Constellations of the zodiac has 12 Today their names are well known. By constantly changing the position of the planets in the sky relative to the fixed stars, horoscope looks like a gigantic hour- calendar. This celestial calendar men have used since ancient times to record the date, especially important events. Anatoly Fomenko and Gleb Nosovski decoded dozens zodiac. Among them are two of the zodiac in which the coded dates associated with Jesus Christ. In 1826 in London issued the book “Astrology” English physician and astrologer ebenes Siblija (Ebenezer Sibly). This book presents the image of the zodiac horoscope from the date of the birth of Christ. This is confirmed by an inscription placed on the center of the picture as the image of the Nativity, which is located at the bottom of the page. Anatoly Fomenko and Gleb Nosovski decided to check what is the date recorded in the zodiac. Does he fits the usual date of the birth of Christ? Using the computer program “Horos” did all the necessary calculations. It became clear that in this horoscope, there is only one correct solution. The date is written by an unknown astronomer is 25. decembar 1151. god. Not surprisingly, this horoscope still considered heretical. This unique zodiac recognized traditional history fact wrong, in the end it was another independent confirmation of the date of birth of Jesus Christ, which are calculated Fomenko and Nosovski. It turned out that the old books can find the correct birth date, despite the efforts of many centuries of historians Skaligerovske school, who destroyed thousands unsuitable. Another date in connection with Jesus Christ Fomenko and Nosovski discovered in Egypt. The authors of the new chronology for many years studied the monuments of ancient Egypt. Special interest among them are caused zodijci, decorating the vaults of many Egyptian tombs and temples. In deciphering Egyptian zodiac has become clear that all the dates listed on them relating to the period from the eleventh to the fifteenth century BC. Among them there is one which has recorded the exact date of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is the famous round Denderic zodiac, or as it is called “Zodiac Osiris.” “This is a huge figure, low relief in stone, it shows the zodiac, the stars appear, the position of the planets, the symbolism of which we are well known texts from the Middle Ages. We dated the zodiac, says Fomenko, continuing previous research scientists in particular Nikolai Morozov, who first raised the question of what date that give historians and astronomers of the zodiac is incorrect. If the zodiac dates, regardless of the presumed a priori dating, which we did, it is a complete different date – in 1185, the end of XII century BC. ” Specifically March 20 1185. It was Wednesday, the first day of the full moon, the beginning of the Jewish Passover, which was celebrated for seven days. So Thursday was Passover. And in the Gospel is saying that the “Last Supper” was just at Passover Thursday. Passover was also a Friday. Gospels say that Jesus was crucified on Friday. Therefore we can give the exact date of Christ’s crucifixion. It is March 22, 1185. But in the Gospel there is a contradiction. It is said that on the day of Christ’s punishment, was the solar eclipse. I astronomers and historians are well aware that if in the chronicles mention such a big astronomical phenomena such as the solar eclipse, it is possible with great precision to determine the date of the event that occurred. But the thing is that on the day of the crucifixion of Christ could not be a solar eclipse. As we have already said, it was Passover week. A Jewish Passover begins with a full moon. A full moon and solar eclipse can not be together. In fact, a total eclipse of the sun was a month after the end of Passover, 1 May 1185. Most likely the death of Christ and the solar eclipse are simply merged in the minds of people, and find the page directly to the Bible, as well as events that occurred simultaneously. But why the authors believe that the new chronology date Fairytale Fights the round Denderic zodiac is directly connected with Christ? The fact that the Osiris and Christ are the same person, we wrote a lot, and not just me. We are not the first ones to say. So, if in the Zodiac Osiris written a certain date, that he naturally refers to Christ. Therefore we use the dating of the Zodiac Osiris for Christ. I also like the Russian Paley, and ancient Egyptian zodiac round Denderic points to 1185 as the date of Christ’s crucifixion. I not only astronomical calculations and ancient ljetopis show that Jesus Christ lived in the XII century AD, this has another confirmation of Turin and the Holy Shroud. Up to the present day there has been little tangible evidence of the Gospel events. One of them is Sveti cover. This is četirimetarsko linen in which, according to legend, Joseph of Arimathea wrapped the body of Jesus after his sufferings on the cross and death. Since 1578, the cover is kept in a special coffin in the Cathedral of John the Baptist in Turin. Therefore, today known as the “Shroud of Turin”. According zvaninčoj historical version, the first time this relic is shown as 1353 people. in the French city of Lirey. After almost two centuries appears in Turin, then 100 years old was found in the chapel of the Cathedral Church in Turin. Then in the Church for keeping the lid made a special case. In this relic casket is tranquil remained practically until the end of the nineteenth century, and decided not to be photographed. In 1898, by order of the ecclesiastical authorities photographer Seconde Pia made the first photographs of “Deathly”, and revealed the unbelievable. On the negative, suddenly appeared a clear positive image of the contour of the human body with front and rear srane. It became obvious that the cover is kept inside a mysterious footprint. If pogledaPokrov in ordinary light, it’s a little noticeable. But the negative is obtained very clear images, were visible even small details. The research results disprove the suspicion that that print just inflicted on the fabric, some ingenious way. It is evident that the revised structure of weaving itself, but drops of blood were real, in that they dropped the cloth before the appearance of the print. There was no doubt who it belonged to this print. The Shroud of Turin is kept the outline of the body of Jesus Christ. The researchers decided to determine the age of the sanctuary. In 1988 it was decided to determine the age of the fabric radiocarbon method. From St. lid cut is the small sample size, width 10 mm. and a length of 70 mm. It is divided into three parts, which were sent for testing to the best radio carbon laboratories in the world. Arizona State University in the United States, at Oxford University, United Kingdom and the Federal Polytechnic Institute in Switzerland. Scientists have studied these parts independently of each other research results were sensational. In this case received, the date of which has caused at the time when he published a great shock to the scientific community. It turns out that this date is not the first year of our era to be assumed, a priori, but somewhere around the XII century AD with an error of plus or minus 50-100 years. This dating is a perfect match with the date, the dating life of Christ in the XII century n. e. Experts tend to think they are the most accurate conclusions of the Oxford laboratory. British scientists have labeled the shortest interval of dating. From 1090 to 1265, but in some articles even indicate the year, which exactly was dated Totinski cover – 1150. god. Of course, that historians are not satisfied with this option. Nobody wants to admit that during the production of this sheet XII century. Many scientists still call the lid forgery. They are more willing to admit that it was made in December, but in the fourteenth century. And it was made as an imitation to deceive people. According to the official history of the XIV century, it is shown for the first time. But the lid was known long before it was shown in Lirey in. Where he was until the mid-fourteenth century? It is believed that by the beginning of the century Holy XllI cover kept in the temple of St. Sophia in Constantinople. Thus, in Europe, was brought from the East. In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, the cover is not mentioned. But, in the east there is another highly respected sacred “Holy Mandylion”. He dedicated the Orthodox icons and a great holiday in Sveta Nedjelja. Another name for Spas (Savior) is a “napkin” in the old Russian word “napkin” meant scarf, long or wide fabric. Exactly the same as the cover. Therefore, many researchers have long ago thought to cover the European and Russian “Spas NERUKOTVORENI” is the same subject. But the Shroud has the imprint of the whole body and the napkin just the face of a saint? In historical documents can be found in Greek name for “Rescue NERUKOTVORENI” Tetradiplon, meaning in a complex of four. Most likely, the Shroud of Turin have long kept so concluded, it was only visible face of the saint, and kept him in Russia. Therefore, this holy shrine so celebrated in Russia, the West is unknown. Most likely, sacred set forth in Russia at the time of “great turmoil” when Russia was destroyed and looted by the army, that is the beginning of XVll century. Today radio carbon analysis is considered the most accurate for odeđivanje age of biological objects. After 1988 the repeated analysis of the lid, nobody spent. Research results Anatoly Fomenko and Gleb Nosovskog that a real epoch of the earthly life of Jesus Christ is the XII century AD to confirm the ancient documents and astronomical dating and results of radio carbon analysis Holy lid. This means that in the sixteenth century, historians have made a mistake or I moved the date of the birth of Christ for many years in the past.