The fifth astrological polje- sport, gambling, going out, children, education ….

Astrological field: Peto

Element and Meaning: Fire – confidence, ideals, enthusiasm, initiative, activity, religion, identity

The quality and meaning: Sledujuća – individual desire and need for control, security

The modern meaning of the fields: sports, gambling, going out, children, education

The traditional meaning of fields: pregnant women, sex of the child, creative activities, entertainment, children’s health, shows, pubs, sexual activity, enjoyment, stomach, liver, heart, back

Esoteric meaning of fields: good karma from a past life-talents in the present life, mantras, scriptures, spiritual will to respect God

Numerological meaning of fields: the male principle, lively, thoughtless, temperamental, like change and challenges, do not like risk, simple everyday life, progression, sense of humor, freedom, good orientation in critical situations

Natural sign: Leo

Planet Ruler: Venus

Planet rejoices in this field: Venus