The greatest liars among the zodiac signs ….. Well, here’s how to zodiac sign behaves when the lie and the truth comes ……

After zodiac signs can be determined when and how much in favor of lies. Well, here’s how to zodiac sign behaves when the lie and the truth of the matter.

RAM – People born under this sign are impulsive and too close to be able to afford the luxury of lying or concealed the truth. Rams say what they think, and the consequences observed only when it’s all over. Almost always conclude that they are not created for the politicians or diplomats, but we have always to tell the truth. If by any chance happen to hit another time, they will be sorry, but it will not be able to suppress your urge for spontaneous and inconspicuous behavior, because they both suggest their Martian nature.

Latent self-centeredness, which is guiding ovnovskih thoughts and his actions, creates his very personal vision of reality, which is the truth. It is therefore very easy to face difficulties, if you focus on someone completely different than he thought. Difficult to adapt to the mores that govern half-truths, because he believes that everyone must be honest and spontaneous, just as he is.

BIK – typical Taurus has learned that the first well-chewed ideas and thoughts, just as with food makes animals which symbolically represents this sign. In addition, the Bulls belong to the first fixed sign, which shows difficulties in adapting to different mentality. I prefer to stick to their ideas, which they see as a genuine guideline, from which hard to give up. Bulls avoid lies and so it is good that they do, because, just make them even this close to the bay in trouble!

However, no matter how much someone was good, it can happen sometimes consciously or unconsciously be drawn or forced into a lie. Knowing that they like something could happen, bulls are exerting every effort to avoid a situation that would bring them to lie. Truth avoid or cover up only when their fate is in question. So it could be said to lie increasingly used in defense but in attack purposes. Difficult to tolerate other people’s blunders that others put in a difficult situation, so it is always trying to pull them off, as it usually grows and, thanks to the wisdom of their possession.

GEMINI – By nature and by vocation, how do you like more, the twins are famous actors who your character fairly interpreted and run by the role they themselves set. Never fall into some drastic situation, because they are very resilient, able to adapt and to fit in with the environment in every sense. It all depends on the situation in which they find themselves. Intelligence and sensibility they have, they suggest that, when necessary, expedient behavior.

Therefore, it happens that the Twins know they agree as anyone, either to defend or attack. That’s not much water bills and then to apply them and not some generally accepted rules. They are very capable as politicians, diplomats, representatives and as such can achieve remarkable success, especially when they work for some more goals. But the Twin Towers is the boundary between free and necessary lies diplomacy often vague, so that in them can not have much confidence.

RAK – Celebrity emotional instability that adorns the members of this sign seems to Crabs easily fall into the great lie that their lives even more complicated and creating the impression that the whole world is so cruel. The credit or the blame for all this lies with the Moon, the ruler of the watermark. Month manages moods and reactions Rakova, which are more or less instinctive. Therefore, it can not be counted in Rakov with some stability. However, sensitivity and intuition that adorn our crabs, they always lead us to choose the best route. If the truth will not hurt your neighbor, cancer will be imposed, as will sometimes serve small lie so as not to disrupt one’s well-being and pride. Because a very respected family ties and family in general as the concept and status, I will be careful not to spoil sentimental relations.

LAV – Honest, loyal, constant. These are all characteristics that are associated with the personality of Lava to risk and to discredit themselves, but the truth will certainly tell. Fortunately, his generosity is of such a character that they will engage in a lie just as much as is absolutely necessary.

If it is something to which he is committed, it is able to turn into an excellent liar and had not even ready to any compromise. It is able to completely erase them from the face of the earth even why he was hated and unsympathetic. Only those who know how to respect his loyalty and honesty, can count on the favor of Lviv. So, because of this, they do not have too many friends, because it is not easy to find people who will be in full agreement that his grades and attitudes.

VIRGO – Since the stamp of Mercury, Virgin are very much able to agree, especially when they are exposed to criticism relating to their business competence. On the other hand, since fear of possibilities to be discovered, know little of the Virgin and braked, because they could not withstand a situation that is on the detection of lies concocted. When faced with this mogućmošću, Virgo responds by using deep motivation and otherwise arise from its hypocritical nature. They have strong beliefs, but at the same time to cope with antikomformizmom which she suggests a planet – a ruler. The need to gain the sympathy of forcing them to behave in an appropriate manner and to lie when necessary, in order not to lose ground.

SCALE – As a permanent establishment in favor of balance, Libra is behave in the same way and with affection by lies. He wants to achieve peace with itself and with others, in any occasion. Her thirst for truth and justice is crucial when it comes to serious acceptance of moral principles. Just the name of these moral principles, Scales are ready to small and stylish agree. It also includes the name of the noble objectives, but also because it would help to those he loves. the truth otherwise communicated loud, so that everyone could be clear what are her views.

Scales are among other things inspired by the natural sociability, which allows them to almost all of them are on good terms. If you conclude that the lie would benefit everyone, Scales will disagree, but it will all make it clear that they do it very reluctantly, because the liars have the worst opinion.

SCORPIO – Whether due to Pluto, lord of the underworld, including all concealed or because Mercury, which is in the constellation Scorpio is very influential, running, Scorpio is one of the most capable liar among all zodiac signs! The instinct is to lie with the Scorpions so strong that rarely manages to restrain him, because he entertained other people’s reactions.

It can happen to enjoy toiliko lie to their loved ones in front of themselves create a completely different picture. In any case, very reserved, but both were able to very effectively preserve the secret entrusted to them. Fully govern their strong instincts and therefore know how to keep quiet when you need it, and all because they would not hurt themselves and others. Most therefore, the Scorpions have very beautiful perspectives as politicians.

SCORER – As the others have a lot of confidence, shooters are definitely perhaps the most sincere personality among the zodiac signs. However, they tend to think that they and others like them, what’s wrong, of course, but also run the risk of suffering of any kind. Shooters do not know how to lie, and to otherwise very often babblers, it may happen that in his stories a little too far and that a word or exaggerate the situation. Therefore, after repenting and fall into the other extreme, wanting to improve what they are disturbed.

It is understood that shooters like a very benign and generously people manage to extort or gain forgiveness for what you possibly mess up. In any case, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, it is best not to provoke the shooter and do not ask them personal opinion, especially about things that bother them. Of these, it is difficult to get an objective opinion, devoid of emotions and feelings. This would be our friends shooters just created difficulties and concerns.

CAPRICORN – Since the very ambitious Capricorns, it is normal that you do not know and do not recognize any obstacles on the way to achieving the target that itself specified. They are able to precut any truth that would in any way disrupt their plans. As far as the lies themselves, Capricorn will agree when it is it really necessary and useful, because he is a politician who does not so easily slip past a certain strategy of behavior.

They are especially careful and cautious that does not create enemies that they could get in the way of their ascent to the top of his career, whether it is a social, professional or economic level. In everyday life and in the family, Capricorn respects moral standards and do not lie or at least to avoid, and it prides itself on honest and loyal manner. Once you know his weaknesses, it could be said that the Capricorn man can rely on, which is compared to itself very stable.

AQUARIUS – is characteristic for those born under this sign to be carefully avoided to tell the truth that could harm their relatives or people with whom they decided to maintain long-term relationships. Aquarius therefore functionally lie, or lie when you realize that such a lie be useful for the common good and relations. Aquarius also the soul knows the art of diplomacy, they are very related and which allows them to serve as an intermediary between the two factions opposing opinions. They are able to give to the right at the same time both sides. Of course, that’s after them, says the kind of problems which only they know how to extricate myself and head held high. If they were not inspired by the idealism of Aquarius because of their behavior would be very easy to accuse of opportunism.

RIBA – If a member of this sign agree, then it is because of this that would be something out of the ruthless life obligations that surround it, which is not ready. Fish flying on the wings of idealism and imagination, they are having fun imagining a different reality, fantastic things that separate them from the banality of which normally fish flee like the plague!

Sometimes they tend to lie about their past, present and future and this to such an extent that they themselves believe in their own lies. In his speech tend to embellish things, that they exaggerate and distort, sometimes even to gain sympathy and general benevolence. Who knows them and appreciates them in the right measure, will never be surprised or unpleasantly surprised. Either way, their lies, Fish do not want to hurt anyone, before you could say it will certainly try to help.