The ideal occupation for each character: Device journalists, detectives Scorpio! (ASTRO)

Maybe they were not the stars determine your interest, and do not even know … Look at that interest you recommended horoscope …


Ambitious, enthusiastic and open character to find the best in jobs that can be as independent as possible and, if possible, to šefovskoj position.

Media – great to manage, among other things, because of his strong opinion – that is not afraid to publicly express.

Advertising – because they can use their creativity for assurance and sales.

Army – a strong will and perseverance proved to be particularly desirable traits in this profession, but Aries them and to possess.


Practical, methodical, patient and reliable – Taurus is a great team player and the best will manage in occupations that it guarantees stability and security.

Banking – used their methodical skills to help others with their finances.

Science – will show determination and patience and you have to solve almost every problem.

Research – where their convenience and openness of the best to come to light.


Optimistic, inquisitive, intelligent and energetic Gemini will best handle the jobs that are dynamic and allow its communicative and vrckavoj nature to come out.

Travel Guide – connects everything Gemini loves: travel, communication and activities.

Project manager – because it can use its energy and optimism to the firm changed fundamentally.

Author – rich inner world of Gemini is full of ideas to revive the best in stories and books.


This imaginative and dramatic character is best felt in companies that provide them with security and stability. They tend to work and depression uviek will accept the opportunity for additional earnings.

Teachers – the video will come out of their penchant for fantasy and philosophizing.

Social worker – giving them emotional satisfaction they feel as a result of helping others.

A carer – compassion and concern for others are important characteristics of this sign horoskospkog.


Spontaneous and social Lions want to be as independent as possible and preferably in a leadership role. Are energetic and courageous love to be the center of attention and will be the best handle in occupations in which they will feel like a star.

Entrepreneurs – they will be able to realize their need for independence and respect.

Art – as it will be in the spotlight and be the object of admiration, which is always difficult.

Managers – as they will be able to achieve its spontaneous nature and ability to make decisions on the fly.


Precision, joyful and smart Virgo is very diligent and detail oriented. Excellent will manage in occupations that require her organization and insight.

Research – regardless of the area, curious and analytical Device detail will set the problem and offer a concrete solution.

Journalist – curious nature, pioneering spirit and precision, which has – facilitate her research any topic.

Assistant – intelligent, literate and patient friendly device will do each task.


Great diplomats and charmers are hidden under this sign. Sociability and relaxed as important determinants of Libra, will enable them numerous contacts and friendly relations.

Negotiator – the best job that combines all the features of vaginas. From peacefulness to compassion, fluid communication and the desire for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Designer – because it is such a large number of contacts is always a source of inspiration.

Director – because they love working with people, especially if they can be creative while.


Hard-working, motivated and original Scorpio act very intuitive and analytical. They tend to extremes: either they are too good and quite cheeky.

Detectives – because their exploratory nature of this occupation come into their own.

Writers – intelligent and sharp mind will realize its potential in novel writing.

Athletes – competitive nature and strong will that characterizes Scorpio are important determinants of every athlete.


Optimistic and full of energy, Sagittarius is also a very spiritual and insightful. Sagittarians are naturally very curious and will do everything to achieve their dreams.

Pilot – combines all the needs and preferences of shooters in each occupation.

Entrepreneur – as it pursues their dreams and courage that endures.

Travel Guide – because I do not like to be tied to hours nor an office job.


Capricorns are reliable, organized and responsible and tend to work hard to achieve their goals. Logical thinking and love affairs relating to math and money. It is best to handle this in the following occupations:

Information technology – professions in which you will see the best of their organizational skills and systematic problem solving.

Accounting – because it combines two things I especially like: money and math.

Judiciary – coming to light their sense of responsibility and logical thinking.


Great thinkers, intellectuals and visionaries. Aquarius will fit in all types of aid and demanding jobs. They are known as great workers, particularly in the following areas:

All kinds of art – because that way they can express their creativity and vision.

Application development – here I can show analytical side of his personality.

Science and education – comes to light their curious spirit and excellent communication skills.


Generous and sensitive fish are extremely sympathetic and versatile. Vole spirituality and art, so is the best environment in the following:

Judiciary – as they can show compassion, generosity and sensitivity and use them for the right purposes.

Photo – because so show your creativity and do not have to stay in the office, especially as they do not like.

Psychology – because they are interested in human nature, and have a desire to help others.