The identity and existence-12 field is a field in astrology fears and unconscious!

12 fields in the field of astrology fears and unconscious, something that we can not watch. 12 the field is the accumulation of emotions, especially unpleasant, in connection with the experiences that we have in this life and that we have had in past lives.

Question fears usually raises the question of identity, because identity tends to stability, which is built on confirmed and verified information. All that is contrary to it, automatically destroys the identity that becomes an existential question.

Generally speaking, the existence of human beings is violated most in the moment when the value system is falling apart, but one has to take responsibility. Taking responsibility is an act of rebirth, this time conscious are born without a mother or support other people.

Since there is no support, other than in ourselves, responsibility is sometimes so excruciating that prefer to invent more force in order to give someone our responsibility, just as we like babies given full trust.

From the psychological point of view, the belief in a higher power reinforces the belief in yourself, because you can not believe in something that you do not have in itself, on the other hand create an idol whose name is called every time a responsibility on us is just an excuse.

This is a well packaged political response to the factual situation in which we start and end of the change. There is no God who can place you lose weight.

This image captures the essence of the conversation consciousness and subconscious, there is even the symbolism of the prison, which refers to the 12 box. This awareness freed from all defense mechanisms, finally, a little disappointed, looking at what is part of it (repressed experiences) and perhaps for the first time that what we fear is not related to trauma, ugly memories and heavy emotions, has been disturbed by the ideal image of themselves.

features Ega
Ego as self-image, has two functions, function identification used in order to distinguish them from other people, that’s our name, appearance, belief system. The second function is protective and aims to maintain a certain psychological state of unalterable. The second function is activated whenever the self-image disturbed and then it becomes an existential question. In order not to experience this discomfort, fabricate idols to punish and reward us as needed, and we will also be invoked when punishing or rewarding the other.

About FEAR

In his continuing fantasies and fears of all around us, we experience more than what we experience in reality, and that throughout the long life of man.

The largest part of our accidents were therefore purely imaginary or exaggerated, almost a whole disaster which you are afraid that they do not experience, you never experienced. Because of this imaginary world, our life seems made of a thousand lives and our destiny than a thousand fate.

Only submergence into his personality, the man managed to better know the nature of other people, and assessed their relationship to things and, finally, to at least partially pushed out yourself our innate dark fear of life … Basically, the source of human misery in the country is afraid, more than delusions than the fear of real possibilities.