The iron hand of Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the European Union (EU) is often criticized for its iron austerity, painful and difficult for financially shattered economy, a revered at home for a large number of Germans, was elected in December 2013, for the third time, the Chancellor of Germany . New biographies of German Chancellor reveal the intimacy of this small joys and fears: served her husband breakfast specialties are her soup with potatoes and beef rolls, likes white wine and beer and is afraid of dogs, he knows, and Russian President Vladimir Putin who gave her – stuffed house.

Angela Merkel (59) is the third time recently won the German elections and the “great result”, as she said, from 41.5 percent of the vote won a third term of office stationery. In the week after the election of party colleagues and supporters have long applauded and cheered her “Angi! Angi! “, And she cheerfully thanking contributors, voters and her husband Joachim Sauer, who, uncharacteristically, standing near the booth, but after a tumultuous celebrations where she sang along with all of the Chancellor in his style reminded the crowd:

– Tomorrow we work.

Her political career began after the end of the eighties decline in the competition for a job in a government office for relations with the public – because she had high blood pressure, it is estimated that the job stress was too much for her. Instead he went into politics in 1990 was elected to the parliament of a united Germany and then continued to climb in the political hierarchy.

– I’ve got to keep an eye on the pressure, but I have a very good medical care – said in a television interview. Fortunately, because only now know what real stress.

The American magazine “Forbes” proclaimed it the most powerful woman of the world: the German Chancellor, who is also the first woman at the head of Europe’s biggest economic power, the top of the list moved up eight times in the last ten years, and in the hands of largely holds the fate of the euro and all member states of the European Union. But power does not mean that it is a favorite, on the contrary. So her biographer Professor Wolfgang Stock argues that Merkel even supporters do not like rather than respected, political opponents transferred her indecisiveness and lack of vision, in Greece and Spain, countries that pressure austerity measures, hate the guts and blame for all the trouble, and the Cyprus protesters carried placards reading “Hitler Merkel”.

However, Germany has recently popular than ever because the nation has the impression that its policy of austerity and solidarity produces results, and its thoroughness in their work inspires confidence. But although her face is one of the most famous in the world and regularly appears in the media, not enemies nor advocates can boast that they know what is actually Angela Merkel.

Unlike many politicians are courting voters discovering their own privacy, the German Chancellor is extremely reticent when amidst her private life in interviews rarely mentions any personal details, as her husband Joachim Sauer, will almost never go public, except on festival Wagner opera in Bayreuth why Sauer was nicknamed “the Phantom of the Opera”.

Of course, over the years a few things have nevertheless learned likes to bake cakes plum alone go shopping, biting his nails and is afraid of dogs because it is a bit the mid-nineties. With this phobia accident joked Vladimir Putin: When Merkel as chancellor for the first time visited the Kremlin, gave her a stuffed dog, and at the next meeting in his summer house on the Black Sea, opened the room of his black Labrador Konya so that Merkel freezing of fear. It is however not prevent Putin clearly says that the arresting chess champion Garry Kasparov – unacceptable.

The chancellor has a loop and does not hesitate to say “sheisse,” says Nikolaus Blome, a journalist of the German newspaper “Bild”, who recently published a biography of the Chancellor, entitled “Angela Merkel, die Zauderkünstlerin” (artist hesitation), and that for her says “pretty normal person.”

Biography of about two hundred pages trying to portray Merkel as a cute little lady who is no different from millions of German, so early in the morning serving breakfast to her husband before he went to work at the university, “Humboldt” where he teaches molecular chemistry. A good cook and her husband never complained that her food is bad, the specialties are her soup with potatoes and beef rolls, a classic dish in Germany served for Sunday lunch, after lunch prefers fruit or cheese sweet or baking cookies for man and likes to drink, especially white wine and, of course, German beer.

Besides the Blom resumes, these days it is published a series of books about Angela Merkel, is also a prominent German journalist Stefan Cornelius announced its Authorized biography entitled “The Chancellor and her world”, which reveals that Merkel only recently found out that her family after patrilineal Polish origin, and that her grandfather converted to the Protestant faith only in August 1930. Alan Crawford and Toni Zuzka correspondents “Bloomberg” from Berlin, in the book “Angela Merkel: A chancellorship Forged in Crisis” (Angela Merkel in the Chancellery forged crisis) analyze her past in order to explain what motivates that systematically fight to save the European model and the single European currency.

Journalists conservative newspaper “Die Welt”, Ralf Georg Rojt and Ginter Lachman, the authors apparently spicy book “Das Leben der Erste Angela M.” (First Life of Angela M.) in which insinuate that in his youth was approaching the communist authorities in East Germany, where he spent his childhood and youth, but she is willing to admit. But all agree on one thing: it is difficult to penetrate the interior of Angela Merkel and guess what it runs.

The main reason for such reluctance by many is the fact that Merkel grew up in communist East Germany, where, as in other totalitarian regimes, had to watch what is being said in public, because any careless statement, even a harmless joke could have terrible consequences.

The first child of the Protestant pastor, Horst Kasner Herlind and his wife, Angela was born in 1954 in Hamburg, in the western part of Germany then separated. When she was only a few weeks, the little family, in a very unusual move for the time, moved to the eastern part, in the first place hamlet Kvicov Perleberg, and then in 1957 in the town of Templin.

– It was my duty. I returned to his homeland after studying theology to fight against atheism and atheistic propaganda Socialist Unity Party of Germany – said afterward Kasner pastor who died in 2011 at the age of 85 and was buried in Templin, where Angela still has a house in which goes on vacation, cultivated flowers and potatoes.

To what extent do you really fought against the regime, and how it worked with, it’s hard to say, but it is known that Kasner as the father was absent and hard on Angela and her younger brother and sister. Angela, whose nickname at school was Kasi, has always been among the best students, but the Russian is so stressed that he was awarded a trip to Moscow. It was, inevitably, a member of the youth organization “Frei Deutsche Jugend” (FDJ), but according to his own words, to be dealt with mainly cultural events, ticket sales for the theater and the like. And although the authors of the book “The First Life of Angela M.” claim that in his youth propagate Marxism and Leninism, and worked to strengthen the communist regime, and not to overthrow, failed to state any compelling evidence. The membership in FDJ-in does not prove absolutely nothing, because in any organization are members of more than 90 percent of young people of the GDR who would otherwise be virtually ostracized from society. For some, of course, membership in FDJ-at any step in the political road that led to membership in the SED, the Socialist Unity Party, but that step Merkel has never done. It is in this environment where freedom of thought and speech were permitted only in a very intimate circle of family and trusted friends (and even there it was not very safe, because the regime has encouraged children to report their parents), Merkel has developed the ability to hide your own opinion .

As a student of physics in Leipzig, where she worked as a waitress in a drive to earn pocket money, like the Beatles, the Stones and the song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and the movie that she has remained a favorite. “The Legend of Paul and Paula” Ulrich Plencdorfa screenwriter and director Heiner Karova. The love story of a single mother and a married party official has caused shock among the political elite when it premiered in East Berlin in 1973, and is Secretary for Culture wordlessly out of the theater, slamming doors, and other officials remained to sit in stone silence, while the ordinary audience clapped like crazy. In the GDR, the film is seen by over three million people, among whom was then eighteen Merkel, and then placed in a bunker. Angela still had a chance to see him again recently at a special projection in Berlin, and the minister said that the film is a great combination of real uncomfortable view of everyday life in the GDR and the surreal poetic stride.

In Leipzig she met Ulrich Merkel, a fellow student, and soon married him; they were married in the church, a year-old bride wore a light blue dress.

– It sounds stupid, but I have not entered into a marriage with a sufficient dose of seriousness – said he later explained: – It was not a great love. We got married because of us expected.

The couple moved to Berlin, but the marriage soon fell apart and Angela one day suddenly moved out of the house, to the consternation of her husband, who did not understand what was happening. After he admitted that the chemistry between them disappeared, and besides they were too different – he’s more of a homebody, but Angela is an active, lively, always ready for new contacts.

They divorced in 1982, and shortly thereafter Angela, who had kept her first husband’s surname, she met the man she would marry, chemist Joachim Sauer, divorced father of two sons, Daniel and Adriana. Sauer received his doctorate with only 25 years and in 1977 won a place at the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR, where he met Angela Merkel. She in her doctorate in 1986 thanks to “critical insight” into the manuscript thesis, it seems that the pair became four years later, and they married on 30 December 1998 with the registrar in Berlin. Marriage is so long delayed because they themselves did not want to let another shipwreck itself said in an interview, while some claim to be married just because they are from her party objected to live with a man in a wild marriage. Children had neither the first nor the second marriage, but not his decision, but, as she said, “just so happened”. Sauer turn does not give interviews to journalists, unless it comes to his scientific work, and we know that he loves Wagner and subway, but when his wife was visiting with British Prime Minister David Cameron refused his offer to use an official vehicle and said he would prefer to drive around London subway.

Angela Merkel has already been recognized by scientists at the Academy of Sciences when it thirty-five, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall began to engage in politics. She joined the Association for Civil Rights, which is in turn joined the Christian Democratic Union, the conservative party of Chancellor Helmut Kohl. It was noted how the Count Angela political talent with their restraint and careful presentation of views, funky design that nobody threatens and scientific, analytical approach to problems. With his help Merkel quickly climbed in the hierarchy of the party, but the biggest jump was made on his behalf, which she never forgave Count. When the 2000 scandal about donations he had Kol secretly for the party, it is the first from the ranks of the CDU openly attacked his protégé Angela Merkel. She was influential in “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” published an editorial asking that the Count retire from politics.

– I’ve never underestimated. And there’s nothing wrong with that man is ambitious – said Merkel in an interview at the time, arrived at the head of the CDU. Since 2005 he was elected to the German Chancellor, gradually winning more and more nations. While some foreign analysts conduct its mysterious and unpredictable, in fact it is a policy of small steps and avoiding moves that are not absolutely necessary for resolving crises in Europe. Big gestures and big words, certainly not inclined, which is smart in a country that after the tragedy of World War II developed an aversion to the sublime notions of “leaders” and “people”, but once the patriotic Asked what she first comes to mind when you think of Germany replied: “the pleasant temperate climate, which means that we do not need siesta!”, and on another occasion that Germany prefers “solid windows soundness”.

Merkel most sympathetic to women who like her sincere support of equality and commitment to ideas such as the opening of the state kindergartens to help working mothers. Growing up in East Germany, where all the women, Merkel does not have too much sympathy for the traditional ideal housewife who takes care of home and children, but does not underestimate, so often emphasized as she performed household chores. And when she was recently asked if she could ever be turned off, forget politics and concentrate on home, humorously replied:

– Of course. While cooking, I do not think, aha, now Chancellor stirred something in a pot.

Equally happily receives constant criticism for its extremely conventional, almost boring clothing. When “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” magazine published a photograph of Chancellor and former US Secretary of State Hilati Clinton, cropped so that they do not see the head, in almost identical classic suits, with the headline “When Merkel, but when Clinton?”, Merkel ju is framed and donated to Hillary when they met two years ago at a luncheon at the White house. Even when the media across Europe laughed at the black evening dresses too deep neckline designer Anna von Grišajm, which appeared at the opening of the Norwegian opera house in Oslo in 2008, she good-naturedly explained how it all because it is at the head of Germany – wife .

– Do we have a chancellor, certainly not to lead this debate – tranquil said. It is not known, however, is still struck a comment designer Karl Lagerfeld, who said that, when he saw a wide gray trousers she wore to the dinner prepared for US President Obama in Berlin, suffered “extreme shock”.

– Ms. Merkel would have to dress in accordance with their specific proportions – rather nastily commented Lagerfeld.

But as in everything else, perhaps Merkel knows what he’s doing when they deliberately chose this unobtrusive style, which seemed to send a message to voters that he has better things to do than tracking mode. Germans anyway they see in it an icon of style rather than working, modest and stubborn woman he called “Mutti”, mother – at first it was maybe a little mockingly, but I really affectionately. “Mommy will arrange everything!” Passwords that is often heard these pre-election days and that shows how much Germany has confidence in Angela Merkel. And even the respectable British magazine “The Economist” the Germans said: “Keep up the mother!”

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