The man Capricorn-supervisor of the past!

Name of the map: Capricorn (Capricorn)
Description of the map: Supervisor Past
Features: Convenient, reliable and often in their jokes, ironic, this man leaves an impression of cold and reserved person, very ambitious, some would say, strictly business person.

He likes compliments, but rarely show any reaction when you praise. It can be very hard on themselves and others. Sets the criteria for success and strives to keep up with them. It happens that emotional connection is seen as a job. More specifically, the emotional relationship like any other business relationship must be organized; that there are basic rules of behavior and that is primarily practical love.

This man-price small, everyday things that make life easier for him. Often I will want to have repaired, he says, is building trying to save the maximum. He likes to educated and cultural person, attracted by the luxury and fashionable things. However, they will not complain even if it fails, because this is a person who thinks ahead. And when it works to casually spend money, it is very aware of how he earned it, so the behavior short of breath.

With years will be more relaxed, especially when next to him as he has a permanent partner. She can be melancholy and too proud to withdraw into himself and behaves introverted. At its best is a creative, courageous, organized, with a remarkable ability concentration and productivity.