The manner in which woo PERSON BE MARKED BIKA- love profile (Astra)

Do this in a discreet manner, indirectly and subtly. In addition, do not forget about the different gifts, as well as a number of rules concerning some manners. The point is that you must leave a great impression, not only its appearance but also various manners, or paying respect. In this sense, you can be sure to get your attention, “tailor-made” – not just nice words, but also through various “worthy” or valuable gifts, trinkets and gifts.

What is it that PARTNER people born in Taurus MUST TO KNOW

For starters – You are a very reliable person, that their emotions and passions kept under strict control. After all, you are at the quality that is very noticeable at first glance, so from their environment expect a reaction, signal or sincere compliments. Whenever you are in the company of the opposite sex, the person you are courting in an indirect way, you should know that – that she likes you, and you send a love message or signal. Of course you when you are in the company (this is especially true for men) You have a dominant role, and your partner is the one who humbly and faithfully follows you step. Then, you are a person who holds up extremely fidelity to the truth and to traditional roles. If someone or something shake your confidence in a romantic partner, then this is a really big problem that can lead to love split. One of the basic rules is that the Bulls very traditional, and they absolutely lacking tolerance or hearing the “love scam”. Or, for that matter, even men, are among the most serious category, and therefore – must be strictly respected him.