The manner in which woo PERSON BE MARKED BLIZANACA- love profile (Astra)

It is desirable to do so on the unusual and very original way, but also to save the sincerity, spontaneity and personal charm. Your “big advantage” is – if you have an attractive appearance, but it will certainly not be enough to keep their paznju.Uz great stature means that at the “good voice”, which means to “strictly” estimates and your style of expression . Be sure you are expected and must be dynamic, optimistic, buoyant mood, and entertaining character, then the intellectual ability to parry and spontaneity in expressing. After all remember well that in Gemini Golden Rule: “similar to similar rejoices!”

What is it that your partner or the person who is courting you necessarily know about you

You are very dynamic, charming, resourceful, quick and rotated people and not allow that somebody holds a “golden leash.” Whether it is about a love story or informal relationship, you need independence, and some form of psychological or emotional freedom. If you ascribe qualities such as: irresponsibility, carelessness, fickleness, infidelity, etc., that at you it does not cause any particular psychological suffering or emotional sea, but a surprise, that someone has not met – your character and your true nature . However, where it really hide the “truth” it is difficult to determine, because you are at “the duality of nature” – so that each Gemini tells its own story, and in fact, seems very plausible. In this regard, an important rule for your partner to read: “Do not waste your energy in order to prove the truth, and especially do not expect a lot of recognition and sincere repentance of the twins.” After all, why would you outwit the twins when they are already at the start of the “great advantage” ?!