The manner in which woo PERSON BE MARKED LAVA- Love profile (Astra)

One of the first lessons you should be good to learn to read: Lav courting you in a direct way and it should be left to the ultimate satisfaction in the seduction, and especially pride about winning your attention and your love. It is important to recognize in your eyes and look of admiration that is on your lips a smile of satisfaction, and that your hands are ready to accept it at any time. We recommend that you: avoid small cunning, because Leo is not at all naive, and if you play by the “bad policy” – then you expect a very unpleasant surprise.

What is it that your partner or the person who is courting you necessarily know about you

Leo simply loves to dominate any scene or flourishes, because your choice or the only possibility is reduced to the role of accomplice. Of course, do not defy one Leo, and certainly do not induce his vanity, dignity, pride or jealousy. Lions do not allow anyone toying with their feelings and would never accept an inferior role! Be sure that all of your violations punished quickly and very sharp with the flood of those great things with a red card or with complete elimination. Fortunately Leo insisted on the established rules, so it’s really absurd to do things that cause his anger, condemnation and punishment. It is important to act very inspirational to his Lava and continuously meet all of its criteria for beautiful appearance, as well as about some manners, and in particular, the expression of emotional affection and respect. Lav particularly insists on the outside impressions, and you always expect aristocratic demeanor and impeccable behavior when in society or in front of the audience and a large audience.