The manner in which woo PERSON BE MARKED RAKA- love profile (Astra)

We recommend you to be very honest, careful and well-intentioned. The basic rule of amorous seduction reads: a person in Cancer needs to constantly win in different ways, so you are expected to warm glances, cuddly say, gentle touching and loving smile. Then, various gifts and sundries only further corroborated Vasu sincere attention and intention – to draw out their smile or brighten their mood. The next important rule is: Cancer not undertaking initiatives or it never makes a direct way. You are expected all concrete actions, calls and direct initiatives. After all, you need only look into their eyes, and that’s where the answer signal or message in which direction to continue to love the game of seduction. They have tacitly let you know that in themselves have an enormous spiritual and emotional richness, and we expect a large role “love invaders”.

What is it that your partner or the person who is courting you necessarily know about you

At first glance, you seem to be very romantic, tender and hypersensitive. This is why even the slightest negligence of you represents a cause for emotional storm, reluctance or uncertainty. Also your emotions are and your Achilles heel, so it is logical that your partner is not only not to hurt your feelings, but he has the right to protect you from the earthquake that come on the side. Then, Crabs from their partner regardless of whether to admit out loud or not – are seeking points of support and inexhaustible strength. It is clear that the cancer completely surrender not only your body but also your soul, and this mental and emotional lecture obliged their partners of the endless attention and protective role. Crabs expect constant inspiration as a pretext for a good mood and emotional satisfaction, because you are subject to the rule: If you get more, you are ready to date, and more …