The Moon is in a fixed and fiery sign of Leo, which tells us that we want and we need to have fun ….

The Moon is in a fixed and fiery sign of Leo, which tells us that today we want and we need to have fun, to be the center of attention, today we have the confidence and maybe more than I should, today we want to we the people and to be noticed, of course all of this carries a dose of arrogance, but a vital necessity, the need for recognition and praise.

Of course, everyone loves praise, and how is it different this Month? After that it is not waiting, it is working in that direction. So we are well aware that if we want attention, we must do our best if we want applause, we have to go on stage … and so on. Action and consistency are important here to accomplish what we need.

Further, the Moon is in the Application square with Mars in Scorpio and the separation trine to Saturn. How will the aspect of the Moon and Mars will be more intense, it will certainly bring anxiety, restlessness, mood swings. Which means that the need to be noticed or heard, we will have a more direct and forceful approach to it, maybe a little intrusive, but certainly persistent, because the moon and in aspect with Saturn.

So we carry saturnovski Martian peace and strength in order to realize their needs. Be careful how you represent yourself, because the need for care and excessive fear of not having attention are two different things.