The moon is in Taurus, steady, stable and resistant to change sign …..

We need to express your ideas in a safe and familiar environment for us. The ideas we’re talking about, think that we are focused on family and family values. We try to provide our thoughts, and fears and give practical meaning to find solutions to share with others.

We are persistent in order to really deal with these issues today, we find it hard to adapt to the newspaper, because the Moon is in Taurus, steady, stable and resistant to change sign. The important thing is to show people how we feel. Unexpressed emotions can affect problems with breathing and swallowing, and excessive consumption. Certainly today, some flexibility would not harm. Moon at 27 degree malefic talk about difficult dreams or operations, as well as conflicts with the mother or female persons. In the square to Venus, can not be expressed as an undue tension which leads to dissatisfaction.

The need to dominate the business, will strengthen the desire of possessiveness and competition. Mix of Venus and the Moon, Taurus and Leo over the square gives an exaggeration of business situations. Avoid conflicts because Taurus motivated by the power of Lava in a negative way, just as Pluto in opposition to the Moon, then a bunch of energy that must at all costs be manifested and the not-so-friendly way.