The moon is our individuality! Moon feel pleasure or pain!

The moon is a planet because of its proximity and influence attracts most people’s attention. Looking at the moon, often sail in a totally different, carefree time, where everything looks like it is woven from dreams.

When we feel hurt, insecure, frightened or threatened, actually our moon warns that our being exposed to danger. Moon feel the world around them. Moon feel pleasure or pain. Moon feel love or hate. The moon is what our inner being that reminds us that age is not important, because we are all essentially children. The moon is there to take care of us. It is something like divine mother.

To fully understand the Moon, we need to understand the sun, which is the divine father. About Sun will specifically write.

In everyday life, we encounter a term that eyes are the mirror of the soul. Behind the eyes of course are the moon and the sun. The sun, which is about our will and strength, while the moon reflects our intuition and feelings.

There is a common belief to think for themselves. If this is so, then we are in big trouble.

The head itself can not think and make decisions. Header processes information, a sharp, penetrating intellect is able to understand the practical application of some things that looked like a miracle.

See a few decades back and try to imagine yourself as a person explain the modern techniques and technology. Are there any you would have big problems with that.

Intellect can not feel, to understand things on a deeper level. The Moon is the one who feels and understands. Intellect is the one who will find a solution to a problem or task, or the moon to know what the solution should be applied. Only the Moon can not know what it would be unwise to do, and what should be avoided.

We actually believe with all my being, my moon. It’s that familiar feeling you have chest pain, which occurs when you intuitively know what to do. If intellectual to question why this feeling will only make the problem. Month knows best.

If you listen to that inner voice will never have a problem. We can make decisions that others act contrary to common sense, but down we know that the decision is best for us.

The moon is our individuality. With Month feel your own world in itself, which then we want to live practically in everyday life.

When we are happy we feel as if we fly. In the stomach feel “butterflies” that come from our inner sun because of which soared high. It is also known sense of satisfaction, a fire that drives us. Comes from the breast have different feel. We feel fulfilled, peaceful, and we will say to our souls, moon, full. As to the chest flowing river feeding us quiet exuberance of life.

Month gives us a feeling of bliss and protection, like a mother who takes care of her child. Strengthens us and keeps inside. Month makes us flexible to such water can bypass the obstacle and continue that we run. With the moon and look forward to enjoying life. The greatest gift of the soul, or the moon, is to feel the beauty and love in ourselves and others.

Moon also talk about our dreams and memories that we carry out this or some of previous lives. Also the moon live and our ancestors. All those whom we remember, all those whom we know only from stories, and all those who lived so long ago that they were a byword forgotten.

They all live through our moon, conveying to us their energy. Month nothing is thrown away, he remembers more expensive and this was good or bad.

It often happens that you should pay attention to the position of the Moon in the natal chart if someone has a lot of problems in life. It is desirable to know the family tree, ancestral traits, as they were as a people with all the virtues and flaws.

It is not rare to virtually live with unfulfilled desires ancestors to appear any feelings or emotions that simply can not connect with your own soul.

How the moon represents the collective unconscious is not unusual to feel an inner unrest and strife. As to the ancestors fight. Some want one thing, another something else, but we feel something else. Thus, in our being created discord in which we’re not even aware of its causes.

Perhaps the best example of the Month, which is fulfilled, satisfied and one that is empty, unfulfilled, we can see the interview Karl Gustav Jung and chief of an American tribes.

The chief said that they can not understand white people and white people think they’re crazy. He said that their lips thin, pointy noses, his face lined and drawn, while their eyes constantly looking for something stiff. He also said that the whites upset and anxious. Native Americans can not possibly understand what it is that white people want.

When Jung asked why he thought the whites were crazy, chief answered because they said, to think for themselves.

Confused Jung asked which should think, a chieftain pointed to his heart and said to them, Native Americans, think of it.

This is another one of the traps that lie in the dictum that one should think for themselves. From childhood, others think for us, teach us some imaginary rules and hinder our being freely expressed. That is why we often say that we are the soul, the Moon, it hurts. This is why we are constrained to freely express. Feelings and consciousness are suppressed.

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