The most accurate HOROSKOP EVER! Egyptians are people sharing the 35 ghosts from the date of birth, and how I hit all!

Each astrology relies on the schedule and the ratio of the planet. But unlike us, the ancient Egyptians believed that the stars are determined to rule the spirit of our character, depending on date of birth.

Thousands of years before they developed astrology that we use today, the ancient Egyptians believed how the stars affect human destiny. Were found records showing that the Egyptians were shared during the decade, a period of ten days, and every period is ruled by a ghost. These spirits is 36 and each represents a decade within a month as we know it today in our kalendaru.Prema Egyptian belief, the souls of the ghosts transmit their vibrations to people born during their reign. In order to appease the gods and ensure their protection, Egyptians included them in various magical and religious rituals.

Find a date of birth that you are interested in and make sure the ancient Egyptians a good estimate spirits and humans.

Spirit Aşikane

21.3. – 30.3.

People born in this decade have a distinct personality. Do not complain about effort or time to build and refined their style. Most horror of mediocrity. Even when compared with others, they want to be among the best. They have no sense of patience for secrecy, demanding clean and clear of the situation, the whole truth, even when it is directed against them. It may seem that these people know what they want, but it is only an illusion: they have yet to learn. Meanwhile dreamers eyes open and always in all virtues notice first, and only then mane. Perhaps because of their enthusiastic nature wants to see the world better than it really is.

Spirit Enakere

31.3. – 9.4.

People born during the rule of the spirit Enakere draw from life all the goods they offer. However, although they seem self-serving, knowing how to get nothing for free. They are aware that they are not born under a lucky star and know perfectly well that they have to themselves to fight for what they want. Therefore, their value system is very simple – pay bears! Since you have so much self-confidence, it is logical to be noble and generous.

Since calmly authoritative and have excellent concentration, usually reach a high position. And how are their views on the real life, these people give great advice. In emotional life are often disappointed, because by their partners have high standards and expect them impossible.

People born in the decade of the reign of the spirit Azentahera avoid marriage, but are able to stay long in a relationship

Spirit Azentaher

10.4. – 20.4.

People born in the decade of the reign of the spirit Azentahera key to his paradise run by the acquaintance with other people. Therefore will always be in the center of every major events. We are aware that nothing can be achieved alone, a lot of energy put into the creation and maintenance of various connections and acquaintances. However, many acquaintances they are not quite at will, but what can you do! In this world, such as it is, should be made and compromises. Acting goods and emotionally profound, and their good education opens the doors to them, so there is no need for anything to try to achieve by force. They are good friends, full of understanding toward others. Avoiding marriage fearing responsibilities towards children but are able to stay long in one connection.

Spirit Azikat

21.4. – 30.4.

Rule spirit Azikata people born in this period gives the curiosity and energy on the one hand and the gentleness of the other. Therefore, they are always in conflict with themselves and their ambivalent nature. They have a lot of desire, but most do not dare even to try to realize, for fear that they did not rise to the occasion. But when they do something extremely cost you are willing to put all their knowledge and skills in order to have succeeded. They are good at jobs where they can prove their intellectual achievements. Are expected to respect their authority. Emotions run deep and their bordering melancholy. They are not friendly and concluded superficial friendships or partner and children are loyal.

Spirit Viroazo

1.5. – 10.5.

Decade spirit Viroaza born people turn to traditional values. They live strictly respecting the established law and order. Since you want to operate a flexible, willing to listen to everyone, even if they know in advance that it will not change their opinions. Although they have great potential, too inert to get them to take full advantage. Difficult to acquire property, but work hard to ensure a good life for their family. Conformist they prefer benefits oporodičnog life, why marry early. Their children are full of a variety of demands, expecting them to realize their unfulfilled dreams. According partner are possessive and jealous, constantly living in fear of being betrayed and left.

Spirit Aharp

11.5. – 20.5.

People born in this decade are sensitive to the dignity and morality. The most important thing to them is that others have good opinion of them, which would never enter into a compromising situation. In any case – not in public. Their secret life is another story. Therefore, constantly living in fear that they will be released, discovered and disgraced. Practical are not sentimental, but they know that perfectly organized life. I do not tolerate stupidity and arrogance. The conflicts will stubbornly defend their opinions, even when they are wrong. For them, justice has only one side, and it is – self-interest. In marrying for practical reasons, more guided by reason rather than emotion.

Spirit Tezogar

21.5. – 31.5.

People born in the decade Tezogara dream of glory. Rarely can meet the average, which is why the weight of emphasis in certain areas. Because of something they really have a lot of potential, their expectations are not unrealistic – problems arise when they realize that it takes to separate a good deal of time and patience. The thing is not that they are lazy, but they are too unsteady, hasty and unable to concentrate on one idea. Therefore, in life behave like sparrows: jumping back and forth and from all keywords at a time. In their actions sometimes are driven by greed, so they can spend time with anyone if they think it will have some benefits. Usually not too faithful partner.

People born during the reign of the spirit Varazue easily angry,

Spirit Varazua

1.6. – 10.6.

People born during the reign of the spirit Varazue consider themselves the best and most capable. Not too self-critical and will not be seriously asking whether they really are right. When you are alone, they feel pretty good, but other than expect them to adapt or disappear. Excessively offensive and prone to conflicts. They’re nervous and impatient, always in a hurry and want to do everything at once. Easily angry. Nevertheless, we make sacrifices for his family and loved ones, considering it his duty to take on the toughest jobs on their backs. A good footing in trouble and not fake moralists.

Spirit Tepizatozoa

11.6. – 21.6.

Decade spirit Tepizatozoe creates passionate rebels who are forever searching for an imaginary justice. They are proud fighters egoistic nature seeking to be pampered and patronize. Being right, anywhere and in relation to anyone, it is imperative for their existence. I can only agree with people who think just like they do, and since it is such a little, most agree with yourself. When they are not aware of its flaws, can badly affect the environment. The work can be good to take advantage of others’ weaknesses. In love, sometimes cheeky, but in the company of friendly, like to informal gatherings and are always ready for a good time.

Spirit Sotis

22.6. – 1.7.

People born in this period the most important things in life are friends, socializing and pastime. They are spontaneous and friendly, enjoy good entertainment, fashion and love will always be found where something is happening. Avoid responsibility, but will only do what you must. But when they manage to find something that actually interests them, they are able to work diligently and achieve remarkable results by combining pleasant and useful. In life’s good fortune, however, not doing much, easy to raise money. When someone criticizes, they are stubborn. When partners prices style and intelligence. Loyal to friends and family. When you need a very brave.

Sit Spirit

2.7. – 11.7.

Sit Spirit gives its residents the intelligence and ability to cope in life. People born in this period are not theorists, their approach to problems is primarily practical. When they find themselves in a difficult situation, approach her as if it were on a mission. After a good think and study the problem, without undue delay to choose the best solution. They have no habit of stuffing emotions into something that should be considered first. Fortunately, when you take risks, you do not have to be afraid to be without something to lose. In love life more attraction than the actual physical appearance of the quality of selected persons, which are usually disappointed in partners.

Spirit Tuimis


People born in this period are complex and sensitive. Life for them is an intricate puzzle, but they are considered to be called out and chosen to untangle this tangle. Therefore, some of them walking around the world by sharing tips. They were constantly worried about the fate of humanity, or from the forest trees do not usually see. At work often take extraordinary actions in other people causing amazement. Peaceful in nature, do not like strikes, noise and vulgarity. Often materially supporting your friends lending them money. The emotions are flexible and compassionate, however, remain with your partner and when you cease to love.

Spirit Ahruimes

23.7. – 2.8.

Decade spirit Ahruimesa formed fighters, ready to defend their honor until the last breath. The struggle and victory at all costs as their guiding light, whereby it is not too important for what or for whom you fight. It excites them to action – mainly shares and then glory. The taste of glory for them is sweet and irresistible, no they’re not as sweet as the victory. Opinionated are other people’s opinions are usually not interested. They are attracted by the high positions, and on the way to the finish line will stop at nothing. Prefer an easy life and physical pleasure, luxury and fun to be the center of attention. When you have a family, protect and material well-disposed.

Spirit Sitaker

3.8. – 13.8.

Spirit Sitaker gives people born in this decade faithful and generous nature, caring affection to family, friends and acquaintances. But all this is provided that they respect the order and the natural order of things. “I am the first, and everyone else second!” – usually their byword. If you can live with that, you will feel their generosity, but if you can not, move them out of the way. Conservative as well as piercing, do not say much, but the successes achieved more actions than words. Looking for a life partner in the higher social strata. According to their children are demanding: although they provide a lot, expect children to fulfill their ambitions.


14.8. – 23.8.

People born in the decade of the spirit in life Furnizija have two loves. The first is the love of the spiritual, pure and sublime, and the other is material. These two love hard to connect and experience at the same time. It is difficult, though not impossible. Only the best is good enough for this elite. But the trouble is that it is necessary for all sacrifice something. A sacrifice is never pleasant, because except for her idealism and courage necessary. Therefore, the fear of losing what they have gained, they are waiting for better days, better times and better opportunities. Because they are not ready to lose anything! For the comfort they still remain a compromise solution – and that is what we hate the most!

Spirit Tumis

24.8. – 2.9.

People born during the rule of the spirit Tumisa have a creative mind and driving force which hold in check their impulses. Their internal mechanisms are adapted to the constant struggle against evil, filth, wickedness and cruelty of the human race. Quiet are neat and accurate, extremely dedicated to their work, performing flawlessly. Corresponds to their individual work, where their skills can be developed to the highest level. The relationships were restrained and they need some time to relax and gain confidence in the other person. The partners have a sensual and honest relationship. Although towards their children carry out their tasks, they often do not understand.

People born in the decade of the spirit Topitusa are overly cautious and thoughtful, prone to comparing and analyzing

Spirit Topitus

3.9. – 12.9.

People born in the decade of the spirit Topitusa are overly cautious and thoughtful, prone to comparing and analyzing. They have a vivid imagination and a lot of desire, but it will be hard to leave your inspirations before checking their good qualities. This is why im good opportunities slip away and they did not even try to achieve them. Reconciled with life, they are able to live without much excitement. They are discreet, do not like to gossip and not keep a secret. They have dexterous hands and a lot of patience. When they get married, stay married, regardless of the quality of community life. No formal relationship is not perceived as an obstacle to the side, which successfully hiding.

Spirit Aputa

13.9. – 22.9.

People born under the sign of the spirit Aputa are characterized by the ability to invest great energy in what they choose to exercise. When necessary, they can to work mechanically and completely exclude feelings if they interfere with them in carrying out the task. Although the road to business success willing to be patient, not able to work under pressure, because in this case getting nervous and impatient towards associates. Insufficient sure of themselves, they are always in a dilemma whether its tasks could have done better or differently. From life partners expect the same commitment and success, otherwise it disparages. According to their children as strict.

Spirit Zerukut

23.9. – 2.10.

Spirit Zerukut gives people born in this decade honest, fair and balanced nature. These people are often hesitant on what to do in a particular situation, because it is difficult to choose one thing when you know you can not please everybody. Maybe they can help in that quiet voice of their conscience, whose call sign that should rather listen to your intuition rather than reason, providing them with only the apparent objectivity. Only when we realize that nothing is perfect, and can achieve perfect inner harmony. These men are, above all, fair, and build a career based solely on their merits. For partners looking for an independent and intelligent person who will understand them and with whom they can build a friendly relationship.

Spirit Aterihizis

3.10. – 12.10.

People born in this decade are full human understanding towards others. Their biggest trouble is that you get scared whenever you are faced with a choice. Circumvent the decision and are happy to be left to someone else’s leadership, even poor. The conflict between the subjective and the objective, which takes place in them constantly blocked by a desire to take a stance. Therefore, a very respected the authority of others and excellent cope with occupations that require order and hierarchy. They have developed a sense of duty, serious, patient and responsible. Since it is quite dependent on the environment, it is possible that their lives pass as others want to. How are social and want attention, I can not live alone, or in choosing partners have high standards.

Spirit arpione

13.10. – 10.22.

People born in the decade arpione attracted to beauty in all its forms. Go through life trying not to notice anything ugly, irresponsible and raw. They let the will of its sensuality and imagination, choosing for himself always the best. Pander to their passions and do not think too much about other people’s feelings. Except for their work do not realize sufficiently seriously and lost in the superficiality. If they go wrong in life, often become more theatrical, and sometimes will thus hurt yourself. In an intimate relationship can keep them sane person who knows how to direct them, leaving them without enough freedom.

Spirit Sentacer

23:10. – 2.11.

Spirit Sentacer gives people born in this decade, a strong personality and charm. They steadfastly reach the goals that were imagined and do not recognize any obstacles. They are not sentimental, but can be brutal if necessary. Reluctant to spend earned money, even at their pleasure. Rarely enter into lasting friendships, studying, analyzing and every relationship is constantly looking for hidden motives. Prone to depression and seclusion. The partnership is more important to them physical and sexual attractiveness. Do not burden the emotions, but do not hold him guiltless who deceive them.

Spirit Tepisenti

3.11. – 12.11.

People born in this decade impulsive character. Often changing moods, behaving like a sudden storm – going from one extreme to another, from euphoria to depression. They do not have enough patience to listen to others’ opinions, even when they are aware that it will bring more harm than good and will thus create himself enemies. They have great intellectual potential, but if you learn to positively direct their great energy, they are able to achieve remarkable results. When you come across a person that they like, they are ready for a long time and imaginatively to fight for her affection. In relation to children are complex and prone to moralizing.

Spirit Senciner

13:11. – 11.22.

People born in this decade are attractive and freed of prejudices. Their views are clear and purified, does not tolerate false moralisiranje, primitivism, envy and gossip. They find that everyone has their own way of life and do not feel called upon to be judged by anyone. Rather than condemn someone always likely to try to give him help and understanding. Sometimes they feel misunderstood, which is easy and quick offense, but in the human soul and able to care for the weak and the powerless. Through life are more driven by passion than by reason, but often suffer because the partners choose the wrong person. Since the partners expect to be absolutely sanctified, and to care for them in every respect. According to the children are attentive, generous.

Spirit Erenio

23:11. – 1.12.

People born in this period are competitive by nature and love to prove. Although all want to be the best, highly appreciated the honesty and positive competition. They are not envious and sincerely admire better and more successful than himself, at the same time trying to ask them something and learn. They are curious, adaptable and open to all possibilities. Happy to help people, but expect it to praise and recognition. Im going to be disappointed in friends that take advantage of their generosity and good will because that seems to be always available. In love, they are free and independent. Running from emotional binding. Marriage for them is a necessary evil, and their children are equal and friendly relations.

Spirit Sagen

2.12. – 11.12.

People born in the decade of the spirit Sagena prefer social life, change, adventure and all that allows them out of the daily routine. Ideal as a combination of imagining a life of constant challenges and trip into the unknown. Although acting carelessly, and even reckless, never take the risk if you are not sure you will get out of it and get away. Optimists in all situations, but thanks to his inner strength can manage in everything that befalls them. Happy to help others, or ourselves know to ask for help when they need it. In love are prone to melancholy, always looking for the ideal partner. But, they are able to enter into a marriage of convenience and because their financial security in the first place and if you are unhappy living in poverty.

Spirit Kenen

12.12. – 12.21.

Kenen Spirit gives people born in this period is simple and accessible character that wins all around. They are honest and aware that they are not ideal, but do not try to not be. Fair admit their faults and weaknesses, thereby causing the favor of the environment, which accepts them as they are, at the same time helping them and forgiving them make mistakes that from impotence. In business not particularly ambitious. How can I be fickle and often change their area of ​​interest, it would be best not to rely on their own instincts. In private life are human, cheerful and open. The opposite sex loves them, and easily falls into them because they are beautiful, pleasant, talkative and realistic.

Spirit Tumes

22.12. – 31.12.

People born in this decade have been successful in different društvenimsferama, where they can gain fame and fortune. The important thing to them is d emphasize their own personality and prove their skills in the area of ​​concern. But in doing so must keep vanity in order not to lose everything. Earned money consider the issue of status, and even friends sometimes assessed on the basis of their financial situation. Often tired petty little things that lose a lot of time and energy. When they fall, they can happen to lose and make a fool of himself. The spouse create a relationship that is beneficial to both. The education of children put a lot of effort and are proud of their results.

People born in the decade of the spirit EPIMA successful in their work

Spirit EPIMA

1.1. – 10.1.

People born in the decade of the spirit EPIMA lack of tenderness, in all too serious and critically focused. It is often evaluated and analyzed, in everything a threat and hostility, which is why they live in constant tension and panic fear of being ridiculed and rejected. Although some things are working very well, uncertain and want constant confirmation. But in his work but still successful, due to its intrinsic resistance and the desire to achieve a good position. Vulnerable and sensitive, but always gather up the strength to go on without looking back at the past. They are not prone to adventures and forever are looking for someone with whom to live the rest of life, although they often fall in love with a man with whom they have nothing in common.

Spirit Homot

11.1. – 20.1.

People born in the period of peaceful spirit Homota are poised nature. They have extremely high targets is not ambition, but imagine what exercise slowly and surely, step by step. They are satisfied with their lives and place in society are real and stable, at peace with themselves and their capabilities. They have great vision and expectations, however, never burdened by what they can accomplish. If at all possible, they are willing to help others without asking for gratitude for services rendered, but you will rarely ask for any help. Moral are shy and often awkward in contacts with the opposite sex. When you are in a relationship, are loyal and enduring friendships are assembled.

Spirit Oroazer

21.1. – 30.1.

Born during the reign of the spirit Oroazera attract other people who feel close to their comfort, warmth and friendship. I do not say much, but they know how to listen to others, understand them and give them comfort and support. They like to relax and have fun, generous, according to his friends and happy when everyone is well. How do they feel uncomfortable when they are at the center of attention, life would rather watch from the background, detained in the security of person. They are often lonely because they do not know how to show emotions and fear that anyone entrusted. Fearing disappointment, flee from anything that might cause them harm. Sometimes almost brutally realistic. Worthy are hardworking and thoughtful.

Spirit Asitiro

31.1. – 9.2.

Spirit Asitiro gives people curious and creative character, open to everything that is new and unknown. They love to share their opinions with other people and listen to their advice, forever seeking a new starting point. About yourself feel good, although continually feel a strong urge to prove himself and confirming its own value. They do not know to impose, but sometimes feel as if nobody understands. Ambitious are but human and open, and each share success with its environment. Are neither selfish nor envious, they rejoice when others can do the service, which is why some take advantage of their kindness. Although often help those who are in trouble on their own problems are silent, enduring, without complaint and without reference to the past.

Spirit Tepisastras

10.2. – 19.2.

People born in this period are in need of intellectual and spiritual development, which is why they are willing to sacrifice and ignore the private and social life. They have few friends, but they are carefully selected and connect them with them a common vision and expectations. Often they live in fear that they will not reach and fulfill their goals, or are capable of persistent and dedicated work to defeat this fear. Will gladly accept any help that others offer and take advantage of every opportunity that gets in their way. Original are independent. In partnership can not stand the pressure and seek freedom. Refuse disadvantage. Prices of friendship, but I do not believe in relationships.

Spirit Aratapias

20.2. – 29.2.

People born in this period are restless and dreamy spirit, prone to frequent changes of plans. His uncertainty can close it pisses people, which is rarely achieved quality and long-lasting relationships. Often change their minds and are seeking a new starting point, not having enough patience to persevere in something when they begin to experience difficulties. I do not know how to fight for their own views and are subject to authority, and defend themselves by running away. They are good at jobs requiring concentration on a specific area. Financial success compensate for mental deficiencies.

Spirit Tobipus

1.3. – 10.3.

People born in this period are restless and elusive. They love to be surrounded by an aura of mystery and passing through life wearing different masks, but no one really knows their true nature. When necessary, they know how to be flexible and patient, although in the end always put into practice what they had in mind, regardless of all the difficulties that are encountered while. Avoid annoying situation and happy to change jobs, especially if they see an opportunity for a good profit. They are not afraid to take risks, are intelligent and curious. The bonds are careful, they like to appear cool and restrained, but not like that. They’re looking for the perfect partner, and if you do not find many of them are never women.

Spirit Atembui

11.3. – 20.3.

People born during the reign of the spirit Atembuia are extremely gentle, emotional and spiritual. Their emotions are deep and often bordering on melancholy. Rarely able to distinguish between reality and understanding of feelings, but they live in a constant struggle to achieve inner peace, harmony and security. Mostly enter the confusing links that remain long and are extremely devoted, almost slavish be binding for your partner. Are possessive and jealous, constantly demanding attention and evidence of love and loyalty. According friends are honest, loyal and never will abandon in trouble. This is a sign of poets, painters and musicians. Dealing with art, they can leave a strong impression on its environment and achieve fame and success. But, to avoid the emotional chaos, must constantly check their weaknesses.