The most persistent Sign: He always makes his point and he does not care for all the others!

With this zodiac sign is no joke, believe in the word …

The most persistent Sign certainly Capricorn! Once you devise something he never lets up and never give up, and on the way to achieving the target will move mountains!

This resistance goes hand in hand with some really good qualities. Capricorn is a master of self-control and has the potential to be a great leader or manager as long as it is in the sphere of business. “Ambition” is the key word for this sign, a “use” key phrase. It is considered the most serious sign of the zodiac, and its inherent responsibility is perfect for the bosses.

Problems may arise when this resistance exceeds the stubbornness. The nature of Capricorn is to think that only knows how to solve a problem, but will try to establish itself as a leader Servicing every group. If this fails, it tends to “pouting” and then really unbearable.

Capricorn does not forgive mistakes to himself, let alone others, and is one of the first things you must learn that no one is infallible. Only when we learn to forgive will be truly happy and fulfilled!