The movement of Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury-trigger in action, I’ll wreck the old limitations and beliefs!

Mars is in Sagittarius again, luck is with Saturn, and this combination makes final twist in razmišjanju, energy and the decisions which you have brought.

Prior to that, Merkur will make a harmonious aspect with Jupiter who brings an expansion of consciousness and natural optimism will prove to be a cause of action and life changing power of Mars and Saturn.

Mars and Saturn will then trigger the operation, I’ll wreck the old limitations and beliefs, because we realized that we do not serve, then if we are aware of the optimism of Mercury and Jupiter help to reorganize the whole situation. Then will follow the beautiful aspects of the earth Venus, somewhat cautious in Virgo, which will give new situations dose of pleasure, of course within the limits of rational and useful, because we still have Venus in the sign of an intellectual. It also brings peace with the decisions and solved problems.

After that will enter the sign of his seat so that our harmony and contact with others will be a priority. From 30 August, expect Mercury retrograde, which will bring us more reflective and unavoidable delayed action, problems in transport and communication.

This period will not be so hard, because according to the severity of the touch aspects of Saturn and Mars, and even the movement of Mars previous months as we had a triple retrograde motion. This period is like letting the natural flow of life, because we realized that we can not each and everyone can control.

Of course, Saturn will still be in Sagittarius and that by next December 2017, and its role will be to check our beliefs and attitudes, but until then we have built greater awareness to our actions directed in a different way, the which tells the gradual entry of Mars in its exaltation sign, Capricorn.

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