The natal chart-In every birth chart has both good and bad aspects and none are the same ……

The natal chart shows the position of the planets in signs and houses of the horoscope. Through the birth chart can introduce yourself as a person, to reveal our preferences and disadvantages, to know that we are poor loser, why should we keep, what we need to stay away from, where we are strongest, what makes us happy, what saddens me.

The natal chart is the starting point of all life and is not a guarantee that someone with good aspects will be successful, or that someone with bad aspects to be a failure in life.

In every birth chart has both good and bad aspects, which will prevail depends on how we use our energy.

When you know yourself and know your preferences and weaknesses helps us manage life.

Once carved natal chart is permanent, does not change and is a personality. Later in life tanziti that are formed in the sky bring different life situations.

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