The ninth astrological field-confidence, ideals, enthusiasm, initiative, activity, religion, identity …

Astrological field: Ninth

Element and Meaning: Fire – confidence, ideals, enthusiasm, initiative, activity, religion, identity

The quality and meaning: Drop-down – thoughts, observation, learning

The modern meaning of the fields: higher consciousness, law, religion, philosophy, long journeys, university, wisdom, spirituality, good karma

The traditional meaning of fields: buttocks, hips, thighs, long travel, aliens, clergy, fear of God

Esoteric meaning of fields: the cosmic laws, individual spiritual path, universal truth, synthesis beliefs

Numerological meaning of fields: the male principle, high ideals and good ideas, creativity and self-centeredness, travel, need to learn when it is really the place to stop with review

Natural Sign: Sagittarius

Ruler of the planet Jupiter

Planet rejoices in this field: the Sun