The other side of Venus …. The need for enjoyment becomes addiction! (ASTRO)

Astrological Venus shows its dark side. In those moments, it symbolizes manipulating other people’s emotions due to benefit. The need for eating becomes a dependency that makes life frivolous and vain. The spontaneity of expression emotion goes into infantilism, a focus on beautifully transformed into burdensome snobbery. When unbalanced, Venus expresses greed over having to accumulate value. In those moments, love is seen as the possession of another person, which eventually results in pathological jealousy. Should be noted that Vulcan, Venus ugly husband was extremely jealous and constantly trying to catch on with some work from your lover?

Venus pathology expressed depending on the zodiacal sign in which this planet is. Sure it is in Aries, will bring excessive selfishness and tendency to aggressive behavior. On the other hand, Venus in Taurus indicates excessive laziness and orientation only material values. The planet of love in Gemini, when unbalanced, causing superficial emotions and tendency to disbelief.

When placed in Cancer, Venus practiced emotional blackmail and entering into an unequal relationship. The Leo will encourage excessive need for attention, which may eventually be transferred to harassment partners. Venus in Virgo will bring inferiority complex while constantly criticizing others’ shortcomings. Libra combined with the planet causes a loss of identity and excessive dependence on partners. Venus in Scorpio may issue preference manipulation and excessive dependence on sex.

When he is in Sagittarius, will bring difficulties in retaining in any relationship and the need to create several parallel love relationships. The dark side of Venus in Capricorn is expressed cold by exploiting relationships for personal social promotion. The Aquarius brings problems in achieving close relationships and sometimes unusual sexual preferences. Through sign Pisces Venus can bring disappointment for choosing the wrong partner and preference identification with the role of victims.

Already in ancient Greece at the local celebration of the goddess of love Aphrodite have to recognize the two basic ways of its expression – earthly and heavenly. Earthly Aphrodite was directed satisfying sensual pleasures, while the celestial indicating so-called platonic love.

Said duality and is now present in over astrology Venus reign signs of Taurus and Libra. Earthy sign of Taurus in this context to see the Venus as the goddess of beauty and love, while the air sign of Libra represented Venus heavenly dimension. This bright planets in this way becomes a symbolic link between heaven and earth, a people through love rises to the level of gods.