The planets in cardinal Cancer-Venus, the Moon, Mercury, the Sun!

Many planets in cardinal Cancer, Venus, the Moon, Mercury, the sun. Today we are emotional and irritable, have clear objectives which we hold a clear organization, but somehow we do not have the power or the will to do it. It is possible that today, things do not end until the end of the work or at the last minute.

Today the most important thing is that we ourselves safe and quiet. We need to help others, but also react violently if you do not understand what they are talking about. The mood of the Month of the hot-cold. Today’s thoughts are also focused on ambition, career and life purpose and what we really need in life.

All this will affect the nervous and not so great mood. The reason for this is the Month in the late stages of Cancer at 27 degrees, which is in principle Saturnovski degree, carries behind seriousness, problems and above all, commitment.