The representation of aspects in the natal chart-harmony with oneself, peace of mind, laziness!

People with a lot trine are born to enjoy, they are doing something that they do not serve, will enjoy it with all your heart … harmony with oneself, peace of mind, laziness.

People with many sextet are those who take advantage of opportunities, whether you create them for themselves or for other people. Talents, skills, assertiveness, common sense.

People with many squares are those who work hard. Forever under the adrenaline, because it is difficult to reconcile with any situation, are trying to change. Energy, fight, competition, anxiety, ambition, job, leadership.

People with a lot of opposition to those who are aware. It often happens that recognize the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, but I can not decide, the goal is not taking sides, but the acceptance of the existence of both. Consciousness, guilt, suffering, conflict, understanding, empathy, anger.

People with more conjunctions of planets have a strong focus on the house where they are located. The manner of expression will depend on the sign. Concentration, strong focus, a specific interest in a given area, destiny.