The retrograde transit Jupiter- that slows us down!

Retrograde Jupiter seeks inner satisfaction, he has a need to develop spirituality. Hardly had only to adopt facts and observe the reality, and it must feel and internalize. People with retrograde Jupiter is usually not very practical, they are not interested in physical reality, but a philosophy of life. These people usually feel as if they are cut off from other family or does not accept because they are. Family of them is always looking for some tangible proof that they are good, hardworking, educated, wise, while they tend to other matters. Typically they might be interested in theoretical concepts and how they function. These persons must be especially cautious with finances. A person does not know that it saves or does not know how to deploy its resources, it may be inclined to lend money to others or from others, especially if Jupiter Government fifth field or twelve fields.

Retrograde Jupiter reminds us that we should pay attention to the spiritual things that we do to ourselves that with more empathy and faith we approach life. Those fields where it is ruled by Jupiter in the natal chart, needs deep philosophical and spiritual changes. In those areas we tend to be free of material requires not we realized the wisdom. Well, if Jupiter at your Government seventh house of marriage, it may be an indication that you are important in this period to find faith in the partnership, love and community, to find harmony and balance through optimism and cooperation with others.