The retrograde transit Merkur- that slows us down!

Mercury retrograde gives mandatory preisptivanje own thoughts and decisions. Perception becomes much deeper and more detailed. People with Mercury retrograde are prone to procrastination, it is difficult for them to make a decision immediately, as must first check all the facts that they have. They can be extremely uncertain in what they see, because they feel that some information is not enough to have confirmed. Often returning to situations that have already taken place, constantly recalling some events, especially if they were too emotional for them.

Mercury retrograde likes to gather information and happiest when he teaches. Mercury retrograde gives great philosophies and a large capacity for analysis, and in fact a large mental capacity, but which are not detectable by standard assays and societal norms. The Company may perceive these people as strange, absent and somewhat maladjusted.

Transit of Mercury retrograde brings us therefore review and resumption of the things that we believe that we have resolved them. If we want to finish reading the book, we’ll do it very likely during Mercury retro. It is important how we behave and traffic, while the retrograde breakdown car, more often traffic accidents, violations and penalties. It is necessary to take into account and what we sign and under what conditions. Again, for more information on Mercury to be seen which areas the government in natalanoj map, but if the government third field should pay attention to the behavior of road users, if the government nine fields, it is possible postponement of exams, conflicts with teachers (such as Professor searching details, returns works requires a re-test, losing just your work, etc.).