The sixth astrological polje- thoughts, observation, learning

Astrological field: Sixth

Element and Meaning: Country – convenience, resources, management, peace, goals, perseverance, career, effectiveness, results, materialism

The quality and meaning: Drop-down – thoughts, observation, learning

The modern meaning of the fields: service, colleagues, health and disease, small animals, alternative medicine

The traditional meaning of fields: the lower part of the stomach, intestines, enemies, doubt, hard work, quality and the cause of the disease, how the disease will take, doctors, healers, immune system, self-discipline

Esoteric meaning of fields: the service of mankind and nature, merging with the whole

Numerological meaning of the fields: care, security, stability, the female principle, bound for home, good support, give support, should learn to adapt to others, smug-convinced he knows everything

Natural Sign: Virgo

Planet Ruler: Mercury

Planet rejoices in this field: Mars