The stars can be much more is planned, but not this! We present you EIGHT MYTH OF SIGN

There are many misconceptions and questions are constantly being placed in astrology or if you would like to clarify some of them are at the right place.

8 This is the most common, after which it will be clear that in fact does not need to believe when it comes to astrology!

1. Ascendant prevails after 30 years – False!

Ascendant is what we, our bodies, look, what kind of first impression we leave. Before you recognize what is a rising, but in the sign, so it is really meaningless game of guessing what someone in the horoscope. It is possible that this misconception spread because about 29 years ago happening Saturn return (Saturn returns to its natal setting), people grow during this period, changing priorities, but somehow came to this conclusion, which is not correct.

2. All Rams are the same, all the same Lions .. – False!

There are the same two charts: one must know the hour of birth to determine the ascendant, but on the basis of the whole ticket to work, first natal and then forecasts. Even twins are not the same map, because they were not born at exactly the same time and can be interpreted separately.

3. Maps twins are the same

One minute of 60 seconds is 4 degree. So, one minute is enough to make a difference in setting the planet, hence the whole map. We need to know the time of birth of both.

4. More accurate modern astrology from traditional or vice versa

It does not matter what kind of astrology, it is essential to salvation. Astrologer is to help individuals regardless where astrology.

5. The astrologer must say everything nice, not bad news

No, he had to tell everything he sees, but in the right way. Can not be afraid of the client, but to help him to feel better after the analysis.

6. Astrologer going to solve all the problems

It will not, it may help to understand the problem and that person alone solve. He was an assistant, not a witch doctor or a miracle worker.

7. Everyone can love horoscope

It can, but children under 14 year do not need to do, can only be a tad orientation or health, or if there is some problem. Without parental consent from 14 to 18 years can not do analysis.

8. Pisces is a water sign

Not! Aquarius is an air sign, fixed, male.