The sun and the moon rose-date!

The Sun represents our vitality, what we strive for, is our purpose and our intention. The sun is our creativity, a way of expression and indication of motivation, because it represents the will. Way expression of the will depends on the characters and the field or astrological house where the Sun is.

Month on the other hand represents what we wear on you wherever you go, the emotions, the subconscious, the past, our habits and need for security. While the Sun strives to create something, the Moon tends to get that feel safe, protected, loved, accepted. Only when you have a base, then we can take care of others, to create a family with them or show empathy and understanding for other people’s emotions.

This all means that the person is very important to find what he likes to do, what he meets and what shows its true self, because only then will people feel safe regarding their emotional state, and therefore will be more willing to all to give to others.

For man is a very important combination of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, because it speaks about the purpose, a way of expressing that purpose and emotion in order to implement self. Therefore it is very important to study these three elements at the beginning of the analysis charts: they provide a lot of information about the individual development of the personality.

Of course, the context natal chart, aspects and dispositor are the continuation of the story of the development, as they show the level of awareness of themselves as a people and how much attention to its development in general.

It is necessary to nurture the needs and the sun and moon, in order to provide a person a chance to familiarize himself or through purpose or through the emotions. If the sun and the moon not visible aspect or character, people can focus on the activities of the Moon, in order for these activities came to its purpose or the sun.

For example, if someone’s Moon in Gemini, the person should be directed to all areas that have to do with communication, analysis of emotions, writing, reading or any vision of expression. If a person finds what he fulfills, such as writing, by engaging in this activity, you may wish to create something more than that, and it’s already time to Suncu.To among other things, a higher blend of sun and moon, that which every man aspires but it is to find yourself and your peace in the things he loves, because only then can love, respect and helping another man.

If the Sun is in Capricorn, it seeks to establish the structure, organization and respect the rules in everyday life; tends to be practical and useful to the society in which he lives. People with Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Gemini can focus on writing about the problems of communication in today’s society and focus on business communication or the person may be interested in understanding emotions and managing them in stressful situations. In this case, it is indicated what happens when you combine the sun and the moon, when we live through the daily routine purpose.

This is among other things a higher blend of sun and moon, that which every human being aspires, and that is to find himself and his peace in the things he loves, because only then can love, respect and helping another man.

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