The sun god, goddess of the sky OR GUARDIAN OF GOODS: Pharaoh horoscope reveal all your secrets!

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs horoscope used for foretelling the future in order to more easily ruled the land and manage people. The firmament were awarded to 12 characters, and each sign is ruled by a god.

The ancient Egyptians were in many activities guided by the positions of planets and stars. Some of the most important buildings, including the pyramids, are designed so that their tops are aligned with the stars at a time when different seasons begin. They wanted to know whether the events in people’s lives can be predicted based on the movement of celestial bodies. If the child was born, a priest astrologer parents to draw a map of the sky at the moment of birth.

The Paris Museum “Louvre” preserves the display of the zodiac with 12 characters taken from the ceiling of the temple to the goddess Hathor at Dendera from 50 BC. For the purposes of astrological interpretation Egyptians divided the firmament different from ancient Babylonians and Greeks, whose astrological tradition and 12 characters partially downloaded.

There are no descriptions of the characters do not match the descriptions of “our” characters, so I do not have to look for the Egyptian character corresponds Aries or Taurus. But we should not confuse you. From civilization, climatic and geographical reasons Egyptians cherished world view different from ours. Accordingly, the people profiled according to different principles than the Europeans in the coming millennia. In this view profiles ancient Egyptian zodiac signs adapted to modern times.

AMON-RA – the sun god, creativity and Construction
April 26-May 25
The myth of the god was formed by merging two deities Amon and Ra. Born under his protection as leaders, movers and motivators. Already in school age model for peers, which they often ask for advice or to choose the class president, captain and similar roles. They are convinced that their life dedicated significant mission, and throw themselves on achieving goals with great enthusiasm and constancy. If you try to convince them that they are wrong, you will cause their anger and hostility. The easiest way to deal with them by patronizing them.

Hathor – the goddess of heaven and earth
May 26-June 24
Born under this sign are expressive, loving and affectionate. Their strongest points are emotions and empathy. Deep experience everything perceived, and develop strong emotions – both positive and negative. It is understood that it is not convenient to be the target of anyone’s envy or hatred, or subjects of Hathor can be grueling and when they love because their love literally suffocate partners. Fortunately, these people are generally friendly to the environment and willing to help. Some of their tips are banal, but nonetheless well-intentioned.

The corresponding interest: acting, art, media, social work, pharmacy.

Benu (Phoenix) – god of renewal and resurrection
25. jun – 24. jul
It represents a bird that is reborn from its own ashes. He used the ancient Greeks as the basis for the character of the Phoenix, and many modern interpreters Egyptian mythology Benua called Phoenix. People born under this sign adorns optimism in difficult situations, flexibility and ability to raise life after strokes. They are willing to take risks, sometimes unreasonable, despite the unfavorable prospects. In its surroundings are known as motivators and providers of encouragement exhausted, ailing and patients. Since you spend a lot of energy (especially mental), often isolate to charge the battery.

The corresponding interest: it involving risk – from banking and mining to military occupations

Anubis – the god of the underworld and tombs, the protector of the deceased, embalming and mummification
25. July – 28 August

He was portrayed as a man with the head of a wolf. People born under this sign are independent, confidential and responsible. They are able to perform the widest range of tasks among all the signs of the Egyptian zodiac. They are very compassionate and merciful, and attract people who are ill and in need of help. Sometimes their goodness gets exploited. Under the old days develop into wise men who exposed the deep secrets about themselves and the world.

Suitable occupations: social worker, public attorney, legal representative, a representative of Public Relations

TOT – the god of wisdom and learning
August 29 – 27,
People born under this sign are proficient in solving each other’s problems and skilled in organizing activities and events. Have been calculated, thoughtful and good planners. They are not emotionally attached to the job and the place where they work, but they are willing to move if they get a better offer. If they find themselves under stress, their usual virtues give way hastiness and rashness. In this state, take all to find a quick solution to the difficulties, although they would their own special way slower and more thorough treatment brought better results.

Suitable occupations: teacher, lawyer, accountant, manager, foreman

Horus – Sun God
28. septembar – 27. oktobar
People born under this sign are ambitious, bold and aggressive. They want to make the most of life and climb high on the social ladder. They are strongly resistant to stress, however, venture into which the cautious clones. Optimistic as always persevere in their goals even though the circumstances are unfavorable. When they realize they have gone too far, they become grumpy and refuse to acknowledge his guilt and defeat.

Suitable occupations: politician, athlete, soldier, policeman

Vadzim – patron goddess of the earth, kings and mothers
28. oktobar – 26. novembar
Features the image of a snake or a woman with two snake heads. People born under its sign are careful, reliable, secretive and guarded until they are challenged. If they or those whom they care find themselves in danger, fierce will to fight regardless of what their odds of winning. Difficult to make friends, but when we come together with someone, they are very loyal to him. Equally loyalty required of those who perceive their friends. In relation to others as cold and arrogant, as if to resist them by itself.

Suitable occupations: surgeon, pathologist, builder, supervisor, officer

Sehmet – god of war, hunting and rivalry
27. novembar – 26. decembar
People born under this sign are emotionally sloppy and turn the material world. This temperament helps them to be unloaded, communicative and witty. Crave action and discovering new experiences. With them was pleasant to hang out until you want something that belongs to you. Because in this case will go after it despite the criticism and hostility that will come of it. This does not mean you deliberately want to harm, but simply do not care about other people’s interests.

Suitable occupations: researcher, salesman, journalist, Hunter, gunsmith

SFINGA – guardian of goods, material and spiritual
December 27-January 25
It is able to change shape when the situation requires, for example, is in danger. In this sign are born steadfast and persistent people who plan and act long-term. Although able to tactically adapt to the circumstances, do not let out of sight of the strategic goal. Can maintain contacts with a large number of people, but with rare intimate. Because keeping intimacy and turning different faces acquaintances, they are incredible rumors can spread, of which a little true.

Suitable occupations: scientist, writer, philosopher, historian, best-managed in the private business

SU – god of air and wind
January 26-February 24
Who belongs to this sign is unconventional and often violate social norms, and sometimes i do not know. There are good and progressive ideas, however, are not easily enforceable. Are living in their own world and are reluctant to adapt to others. If you are about something changes his mind, for they are responsible its intimate reasons, not someone else’s assurances or pressure. Due to unforeseen changes its attitude, the environment is experiencing SUA irresponsible and unreliable, but it is generally not target someone to complicate plans.

Suitable occupations: inventor, programmer, doctor, caregiver, writer, reporter

STATEMENT – goddess of nature and sorcery
February 25 to March 26
People born under its protection are intuitive and idealistic. Characterized by variable temperament and unusual combination of softness and hardness in some ways it is very easy to get to discounts, while in other staunch and unyielding. What is for them an undeniable reality of others may seem to be a complete fantasy. But sometimes what is perceived Isis true reality that is hidden from the majority and they can penetrate only a very intuitive.

Suitable occupations: artist, doctor, nurse, therapist, advisor, caterer

Osiris – the god of another world, of eternal life and peace
March 27-April 25
Born under its auspices are endowed with great energy and the impact on the environment, but often do not know how to control them. Are dynamic, enterprising and hasty. As a rule react at first, without premeditation. When they have tired, broken with no sentimentality. Also, often abruptly starting something new, such as changes in job or hobby, move or rearrange home. Reluctant to commit to something long term.

Suitable occupations: sales, fashion, research, technology, sport