The sun-goddess of spring and the healing waters!

Planet: The Sun

Meaning: In English Sun; name is derived from the name of the goddess Sunna. He was the goddess of spring and spring waters.

Resides in the sign: 30 days

Element: Fire

Nature: Warm and dry

Temperament: Kolerik

Features: authority, ego, children, father, actors, hobby, holiday, man, magnesium, vitality, will, husband, color yellow, orange, warmth, character, Sunday, holidays.

Harmonious expression: vitality, focus, clear goals, generosity, talents, purpose, meaning

Inharmonious expression: egotism, arrogance, abuse ability, a love affair with the narrowing of men / women, gambling, lack of ambition, despotism, aggression

Headquarters: Leo

Exaltation: Aries

Expulsion: Aquarius

Pad: Libra