The sun in the sign of Scorpio-personality at work, which is not subject to threats or torture would not speak!

As every year, from late October to late November, the sun is in the sign of Scorpio.
One look at us a little general’s head down to the sea bottom, appraising weighing and actually seeking flicker that we paid. But if someone from this view might stop the blood in the veins. There is absolutely no smile, I’m cynical, one end of lips as if some mild muscle atrophy in question. As if to himself tremendously laughing or fatigue to beat at the thought of what it was a moment so excited and amused awarded with us. If you have not seen themselves – then why … When discounts in anticipation out of the game. Who does not persist in silence, or not God forbid issued sentences or complex of ego, markiraće reject it as natural selection and forget. Will search will level itself, a challenge just so dignified as irreplaceable in this role. Just as he was. From an early age he knew he did not want to belong to the average. Or on top of the winning eagles flying heights or bottom up to their necks in mud. But the average – never.

What is the world of mental effort than the effort here is not a passion, a very special mental passions expressed sniper clear focus and concentration. Anyone else would be exhausted and carefully eased, but not Scorpio. Equally interested in acting as if it is a matter of life or death, and when you talk about the existential dramas when recounting gossip and trivia about smarate type discounts reality … I do not even know on how to turn off, but he wanted so many times. But something does not allow him to lose a point or fails to complete something about yourself, about the world today, the templates that rule, the intentions and ulterior motives that live in human nature. That’s why he is interested in everything and the energy that accompanies the thought of ever-fresh not tired even after eight hours of working time. Still can not talk, he can always ask, can always suspected, ridicules, provokes. His withdrawal periods are short but very intense, and then retracts back into the dense dark forests of his soul where wolves howl and wattles wild birds.

Personality at work, which is not subject to threats or torture would not speak. It knows no fear, except fear of eternal itself has. From their own self-sufficiency, the willingness to instantly comes down and move on. Keeps others from themselves, from their destructive passions and implacable will that happen if you let the water and it follows necessarily leads to the destruction, loss and new beginnings. Because this is a special nature which is lost everything before he got anything. Therefore, from minus to plus always goes from debts in material well-being, from the rejection of the family, from the bottom of any ladder only upwards, to more. Completely opposite say that Capricorn is afraid of falling and all the lower branches avoid the fear that you will never reach the top. Here is someone who saw himself at one point as “I’m No” proves to be the will and the will to become “and how I Neko”. Therefore, it is a magical sign Scorpio, worth absolutely every respect from all the other signs of the zodiac. In the end, is the one who carries the wisdom of losses, and therefore death itself does not deserve top honors?

WILL addition, another key word for this is a sign of energy.
And here I must mention that I infinitely regret that this word is wasted and worn in the last decades of the versatile contexts. Fully tattered and shabby starts to sound, since almost everyone is a benefit that is not even aware of what was going on.
But when he saw the power of Niagara Falls where the Tesla (not coincidentally) chose the site for his lab, and when he saw the monks in prayer as he crosses his fingers on the beads or shamans in trance and saw a large collider, accelerator of particles most powerful in the world in the CERN (Center for nuclear research), and the peace ubiquitous that focuses, summarizes, draws, shoving, beautiful energy and it becomes denser, so here you are in a Wallachia end of Negotin krajina, walking at dusk and nowhere a soul, only some barking and sounds where you can get an inkling of the source, a premonition multiply various and skin crawls because the air would knife able to cut, but actually energy that is condensed from the charge that these domestic shamans wear and whose villages exude the energy (although it is sometimes called Vlach magic) and does not
accident again – right here symbolic and eat and placed our largest hydroelectric plant in the Iron Gate with all turbines that do not stop, and the one who has seen what it looks like the release of nuclear energy, and launch missiles, and all the burning day that we breathe and that once again the energy story, only the understanding that energy is a voluntary death for the sake of the life of another. Rivers for electricity, gas for ignition, and this process is endless and constantly going to the Scorpions. It’s not the energy of love and energy that some say has a “has a negative energy” – it does not even exist, need to find different terms, a respected energy and leave you alone. Energy is emptying, just like sex. So why Scorpio is the sex, but only if we are empty, launched rockets in height and reach star, raspršiliu billions of atoms and lose all sense of energy the body becoming. Everything else that we call sex is mostly erotica Taurus, Libra sentimentality, belonging and pampering Cancer or animal sniffing and exploring Aries.

And the scorpion energy is the oldest form of healing, actually – self-healing. Sometimes the cure sex hormones and open the chakras, as well as the withdrawal of the monasteries or nature where persistently meditating and praying. Do not talk about folk legends that everyone knows how a woman saved somewhere mucavosti child, someone removed the warts and the like. Once very long ago, it has over ten years, but I remember when my client told that she had a problem with the thyroid gland, and the train while traveling to Nis happens to be right next to it is a little woman offered her to save her. I save her. In lay terms, izbaje that she no longer had any complaints. Or to tell you about my grandmother, originating Vlajna to me as a small Baja and solve asthma. Pluto in my Asc, father’s mother (the first house is the fourth from tenth, then the mother of father) sextile with my Mercury and Neptune in 3rd house

Because it is the energy of survival, pan-energy in every Scorpio, which has been here since time immemorial, since the beginning of everything. A logical, and in each of us, faithfully painted the house, which is located in Scorpio, the planets in Scorpio or Pluto itself – and all of them have somewhere in the horoscope. And where they talk about where that our energy and attributes that do not compromise with the world, because they will have unparalleled, unwavering. Here we tested stubborn, fearless and a little – crazy. Do not wacky crazy, but crazy brave and indomitable. These genes are those of our ancestors who made the decisions about life, looking death in the eye, so surgery, neonatology, because generals and general army, so trembling and height of organizations in which there is no sale there is no place for a lot of mistakes. This is will be the only bold and big tackles – all for the glory of life, because their only enemy is death. If Mars Ovnovski natural winner in the shrinkage of the new world of scorpions Mars is a natural winner in the battle for life.

Until then, each Scorpio sleeping peacefully, in some kind of routine that you create yourself, but it seems like no E of this energy and will not. But make no mistake, just waiting for the moment when an exhibition of the life that few others can survive without consequences. At the same advice and the Scorpions to stop inciting others to the changes and what they themselves failed, because not everyone has this impulse so strong and so will the sovereign. Rebirth least once, and in plutonovskijih nature and many times in my life. And just when no one hopes. Or when it is insane. When it defies logic and sense. Like genes that once upon a time had twice. Or through the forest where the enemy is much stronger and where it is therefore likely outcome of their death, or through the swollen river and wide, which like the raging death and called mom. And they just went through. Many had fallen, but from the few that remained were born to live Scorpions. They are afraid of the river, but do not know that they are afraid just because they are energy ramps up when they see it, when a bridge crossing, when the river feel like it, because it recalls the energy of this struggle and toil and endurance, but also the victory and is unquestionably respected . So when you walk the Sava quay, and what all of Scorpio the Scorpion to set up yourself abortion. Indeed, when real estate existential create yourself, tell him about the thinking, because only the river knows all the secrets in itself. And no one, no one …