The sun-the source of all being and energy …. The sun is the spirit eternal and indestructible core of our being!

The sun is the source of all being and energy. His power has the power to create and destroy life. It is the pivot around which we turn here, on the third rock from the sun.

The sun is indestructible spirit that permeates every living being. Yet his ferocity destroyed us that there is no moon that reduces the power of radiation. Month soothes and takes energy which allows life to fully express itself. The sun is the divine father, while the moon is the Divine Mother.

The sun is the spirit eternal and indestructible core of our being. The moon is the soul which receives influence, shape it and provides it with an opportunity to express itself in the physical world.

Personal power, charisma, authority and power come from our inner being. When someone simply can not resist, when you see the effect in terms of, security in the expression and the decisions that person makes this is due to the close link with the center of your own being. Consecration inner sun become so full of light to attract attention wherever they appear. Just our presence becomes sufficient to direct all eyes in our direction.

However, with this amount of personal power we have to be careful. Consciously or unconsciously, we set ourselves above others due to which we become self-centered. This is the dark side of the inner self that develops ego.

There is a fine line between a true inner awakening sun and developing egoism. The relationship between light and shadow can be seen in many religious shows. They are told profound truths of life and wisdom clothed in metaphors.

In Christianity, Jesus says: “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father – except through me.”

Jesus was teaching his own example and shows how virtually anyone can reach the Father, and the sun itself.

Example truly awakened the sun can be seen in the works of the great kings who have lived a long time ago, and whose lives are recounted in the myths and legends. One such myth is related to the Krishna, who is presumed that lived some 5,000 years ago.

The king who is gracious to the people and who actually sits on the throne to serve others. Also for the sake of the nation submitted to great sacrifices if necessary, and who in their wisdom directs and leads. This is a picture of the ideal Father / King who svetsan its true nature and the light that illuminates the other.

The negative manifestation occurs extremely rough and earthy ego. Today we all witnessed how the ego present in mogul and politician. They place themselves at the head of the state to rule over others. They use people for their own needs, rather than to be served.

The sun brings power, but also seeks the victims. However, if power is used improperly or worse if a person is unable to manage with that power, sooner or later come to a complete collapse.

In Indian mythology, Surya, the Sun, wears on his neck jewel Sjamantaku. This jewel of the wearer every day gives eight wagons loaded with gold. If he wears around his neck a jewel to King Stitt kingdom of floods, droughts, earthquakes and famines. In this darovaće abundance and wealth of the kingdom.

During the reign of Krishna in Dvaraka lived Satrađit who spent days and nights on the coast doing penance to please the sun. When the sun became satisfied service to appear before him by giving him a jewel Sjamantaku. Satrađitu saying that he would make every jewel eight wagons loaded with gold by Surya is also warned of the danger. To secure Sjamantaku wore around her neck every morning has to bathe and to perform daily prayers. Otherwise, it will be destroyed if we take dung.

In another story Surya forced his wife, Samđnu to leave him because she could not withstand the heat of her husband. She went to his father to complain about unbearable intensity rays rays. When the father poseavetovao daughter to the company must return to her husband, she did not listen. To be able to submit the radiance of her husband, she went to Earth and to do penance.

At this point a question arises by itself; to hold and manage the strength and power of the sun?

The key to the solution of this puzzle is the moon. The Moon is the one who knows all of our secrets, desires and dreams. He will tell us whether we are able to shine a blinding glow and we have yet to move misterizonim roads souls.

Through the influence of the ego will create a self-image that will be presented to others. This will be our identity card. Yet as we really are deep down we keep for ourselves. Others can lie to yourself all.

We may think that we are no match for a particular task. In order to prove to yourself and others, you can return to ourselves more than we can bear. Month, soul, warn us not to do it, but the question is whether we will listen to the voice of intuition.

The moon is actually a fraction of the overall power of the sun. This is the bit that was given to us and with whom should we treat respect. All other crazy ideas that we think of better aside. Our inner light will guide us unerringly to the goal.

The strength and power of the sun is difficult to achieve and it takes a lot of time. So take your time. Dive in a labyrinth of his soul. Sooner or later you will be rewarded for the effort and then when you least expected it.