The wife of Leo-Lady watches her red stilettos!

Map name: Leo (Leo)
Map Description: The lady looks at her red stilettos
Features: Quiet and peaceful outside, inside the volcano. He likes to prove, shows, refines, being the center of attention. She knows when to be polite and often uses his wonderful charisma to reach the target. He likes to help and accommodate. Likes to organize things and to conduct, as a way of coming to the fore.

Regardless of the obvious ego, she knows how to express its quality, is able to and does not like competition. Instead of wasting time shopping, must be further troubling about some colleagues there … When not on her, her anger. Impose quickly, any phenomenon, any energy, intelligence, does not matter. Loves fashion. Inspires the cosmetics, fragrances, creams.

Worth and persistent, so it is quite a lioness at the position. He loves gifts, does not like criticism. O itself has a high opinion, does not tolerate any form of understatement. Not one of those who will cry, but it will certainly get into a conflict. Apology accepted the compliment and elegant dinner in the restaurant where they will appear in a new dress. Natural will flirt with everyone, because it is her right and duty to be attractive, but this rule will not apply to partners.