The woman Aquarius-lady who lives on a cloud!

Name of the map: Aquarius (Aquarius)
Map Description: The lady who lives in the cloud
Characteristics: love and elusive. Always in my thoughts. He likes to observe people. How is this to be another person and live a different life. Her thoughts are philosophical, her eyes lost in the distance. She and when crossing the street feels as if it exceeded a thousand years.

The physical world, duties and responsibilities of the fear. She knows she has to function, but does not want to. Often, creative and full of timeless ideas, built himself a world from which it will evaluate the rules, love other people. Love sees through his arms, breathing and the exchange of ideas.

While innocently walking through a shopping center in the head live more parallel realities and all they see and hear as if it were an observer of his own life. He can be stern and cold when necessary. Almost always retreats when injured. Hard to fall injustice, lies and disappointment. An idealist is. He believes in the good in people.

This woman will always give a chance to your partner, because it behaves as it would itself like to be treated. He believes in equality. Often wages or tries not to see. He likes his ideas, friends and favorite color. For her there is no giving up. Then when you really give up on someone then you are forever lost.