The woman Aries-Mars Lady with a crown on his head!

Name of the map: Aries (Aries)
Map Description: The lady with the crown on the head of Mars
Characteristics: Steps itself. He likes a challenge, even if there is no interest. The love is not tactical. She remains a mystery that they did not understand and who remained indifferent to her energy. How is it possible?

Her man should be a bold and sentimental. If not found the right partner in accordance with his idea of ​​choosing to be alone. Too love yourself to give up the principle. Not capable of parallel connection, because it is tired and spend its valuable time. After all, when one is dedicated to ties, there is no intention nor the need to continue to review its decision.

It is dedicated to work and family. Often very ambitious and focused on a goal. Not her problem to start an activity, usually is a pioneer in everything. However, after a while her everything becomes boring. This is the type of woman who constantly need to newspapers and situations that could be evidenced. He likes to socialize, travel, compete, cooperate with the people around a common goal. Although he likes to work in a team, usually has the desire to own an idea or nearing the end of things. Sometimes there are excessive desire to control the situation and the people. Mars gives energy enthusiasm and fighting spirit, but also aggressiveness and conflicts.