The woman-Capricorn lady who melted the ice!

Name of the map: Capricorn (Capricorn)
Map Description: The lady of the ice melt
Characteristics: She is a child of Saturn. It will not always be serious, but will bear in itself a dose of melancholy. Ambitious and eager status and security. There will always strive for independence through work and through marriage. She proudly wears all her sorrow and does not want anyone’s help. Walk proud with her man.

The soul is fluttering and often has some artistic talent, which is not so unusual, because Saturn is exalted in Libra. He was always dignified and beautiful manners, not prone to competition, but that does not mean they will not win. She is patient and often calmer outside than inside. Her emotions were just her and only she knows how hard it is to be in the body for days or weeks. Accepts time and not condemn him, accepting the pain and often out of it transformed.

I do not like to be ridiculed in things that are important to her, but I also do not like too much is not a compliment, because she is the most critical value their work and their lives. In everyone can see something good. Bit her family. Home is bright, sharp lines and calm tones. The safest way to feel at home, because there can not be what it really is.

The youth looks older in age, younger. Its seriousness eventually takes wisdom and a hidden optimism that all the world can carry on their backs if surrounded by people he loves.