The woman Libra-lady wears the pants!

Name of the map: Libra (Libra)
Map Description: The lady wears the pants
Features: It is a combination of male and female. Even though Venus is awarded femininity and passion, she knows how to think and act like a man. Easy to transform, from romantic to a business woman, and vice versa. The decision is taken consistently, and in grand style, although she is ready to change at the last moment, but it is only allowed her.

He loves to work and have money. In this way, can not afford all the nice, expensive and luxurious things. Venus ego is extremely pronounced, especially in a situation when you need to show how beautiful, sensual and pretty. However, it will not allow the men and experience. They’ll put on a hat that worked a month, and then you will want to arm wrestle with a colleague from work.

He likes all kinds of partnerships because of the need to constantly be in society. Typical Aries will have either a lot of friends and a lot of connections behind. She does not like to be alone, because then all this talk and arguments which normally lasts for hours does not make sense … if there is no one to listen.

He likes sweets, perfumes, clothes, shopping, and more furnished apartment, good conversation and support at the end of a long, hard day.