The woman Sagittarius-Dama with your mouth open!

Name of the map: Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
Map Description: Lady with open mouth
Characteristics: She is curious and often inappropriate with comments and questions. Because of its independence can be reserved by partners and family ties. Wearing feathers and glasses, but the reality seen in quite logical and realistic way.

It applies a logical optimism. Talkative by nature often does not think what he was talking about, but also shows the open rage if she resents it. He does not like to show he suffers. Cooking her not really good. More like being in nature and to observe a landscape. But in addition, she loves applause, just like the woman Aries and Leo’s wife, just in a slightly different way.

When you are tired of fame and luxury, it is criticized, and society who are interested in this, because she knows that fame is fleeting, but the spirit is eternal. As such, we will take advantage of his reckless spontaneity that tells you that regardless of what you have pockmarked face, you’re still a good person. Now, when to interpret …