The woman-Scorpio lady who reveals taboo!

Map name: Scorpio (Scorpio)
Map Description: The lady reveals taboo
Features: This woman you attractive if you have a secret, what more if you specify it as someone who will know the secret, then it’s even better. He likes it when he sees not only the face but also the reverse side of a person. He likes to see all the flaws and fears of the person (if truthful) will love it completely, with all the virtues and flaws.

He can be proud and confident. Aware of her femininity and is often used to come to the finish line. Nice girl with unerring intuition knows who to smile when needed. But only when needed. If she does not like you, it is very likely that you are blacklisted. His cigar fell in style, almost seductive while wearing a very strong perfume and a red dress. Very clear and obvious scan other people’s intentions.

You do not need to argue with her, because it will have a detective arguments. The range of emotions from her love and to hate you. He can be vindictive. From the man asked to be her equal in everything, even in suffering. He likes to own and likes to be possessed.