The woman Taurus-Libra general characteristics (ASTRO)

She was made for love and for partners to do everything. It is very feminine, determined, knows exactly what she wants and does not waste valuable time on unnecessary things. He likes to flatter her and to court her, she enjoyed when men give away a beautiful and expensive gifts.

It is an excellent hostess and many patriarchal mannered men choose her as his wife. He loves his home, an oasis of peace and will do everything to brighten the lives of himself and his partner.

Her main weapon in the seduction femininity, love game which can resist no man. Peak mistress or often and playing with men. But when he falls in love, loses control. However, fears of fraud, occasionally erodes jealousy, and there is a danger that can lead to termination. When it detects fraud, hiding the pain and sorrow and no one can confide. Infidelity will never forgive, and love will look for someone else.

Love and Sex

Patient and very sensual, it is important to touch. For partners often chooses people from the same social environment to suit them intellectually and who follow their desire for more comfortable life. Onaklonost shows through gifts and material things.