The woman Virgo-lady with a steel spine!

Name of the map: Virgo (Virgo)
Map Description: The lady with a steel spine
Features: These women are in astrological circles always displayed in two ways. As only good as a purely bad. The question should one device depends on the situation and the person. It will not be to everyone set in the same way. Basically bit shy and she has to show that it is fair and correct.

He likes the attention of other people, but it is totally independent and without it. This is the type of women who suffer to get to the finish line. He does not like to ask for help or to talk about his problems. I’d rather give advice.

As Mercury lady guided the intellect but also works only what is best for her. In a bad marriage does not remain. Or continue to search for their ideal image of love or choosing to remain single. This is true for both men and women. It has a belief that only she can do the job properly. Is prone to criticism, of course, other people.

He can be sarcastic, especially when she’s angry, or is patient. As an earth sign loves flowers. He does not like to apologize. Her man should be as clean and scented bedding in the bedroom.