Their love is special, contradictory and unforgettable: People under this sign can not drop

One simply mesmerizing views, and their enormous energy will instinctively feel even when they act completely nezaintersovano and absent.

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the Zodiac, the house is Mars. As each character is divided into three deaneries. The first dean belongs to Mars, the Sun and other third Venus. Its nature is cold and damp, water, phlegmatic; female character, night, fixed, dark. Has a predatory beasts and aquatic animals, running water and trees of moderate height, there are many children, is obscene, considerate, tends to anger, lying, master of prudence, a pretty face, a generous soul.

In the natural horoscope Scorpio government eighth house, which refers to death, losses, and inheritance. At the same time, this is the second house occult. Element of water to which it belongs makes it emotional, and Mars (ruler) passionate, dynamic and ready for action. Intuitive like Cancer and Pisces, but glimpses of deep meaning behind the superficial events.

1 Appearance

His appearance reveals something of the other, intangible, untouchable world. Scorpio you may extremely attracted to, but not classic, a bit mushy appearance beauty, like scales, but the mystery which inevitably carry with them. One simply mesmerizing views, and their enormous energy will instinctively feel even when they act completely nezaintersovano and absent.

2. Character

Nature personalities born in the sign of Scorpio is full of contradictions, the source is unquenchable fighting passions and feelings. Although Scorpio detective sniffing around other people’s “secret places” alone has more secrets than anyone else. Its most distinctive feature is the restraint that people born under this sign seems a bit mysterious. Never allow to penetrate into its most intimate and most hidden sphere, and their vulnerabilities successfully hidden from others. What she in many cases favors the strong and deep intuition that allows her to discern truth from falsehood and to separate good and evil.

Scorpio is not crying out for a mass to be confirmed. This durable fighter in every fight I go. On it can be perfectly applied saying that “small birds flying in a flock, a single large”, and Scorpio is and how big bird. More important to her what she herself thinks about himself and his work, but what about the environment thinks. If you estimate that the superficial people live, has to fully rise up to live on her own. If no one wants to follow her, she’ll start to reveal secret meaningfulness of life and the world. It may seem a bit distracted, even when all the registers due to the ever-present feeling that the phenomenal world is not the end.

It is extremely difficult Absorbed in their complex, difficult and obstinate character. Scorpio intuitive Council can signal only their watery brethren Crabs and Fish, while others, as a rule, are getting out. Scorpio are very coolly, calmly, even in the riskiest situations, because it does not color. In order to achieve a goal, will go to the end, others inaccessible borders, without too much thinking about the consequences. Therefore often act recklessly. Scorpion moves impossible to stop, you can only follow. She never stops halfway. Beneath the appearance of calm and collected phenomena lies a real volcano. If not well channeled, this forceful energy becomes destructive or self-destructive. Although it was dark, like a magnet attracts its underground power. The obsession with death finds expression in dreams. Only crabs have such morbid dreams as Scorpio. The dose of transcendence is present in them and upon awakening.

An unprecedented self-discipline govern their behavior. With them, you should not enter into fierce conflicts, because the nastiest enemies. They are intelligent, very brave, and vindictive. A long time will remember the offense, but how are extremely intuitive, quick to sense your “Achilles heel” and uzvratiće when you’re weakest.

Scorpio is not much care about the external expression of affection, not flatter, and do not expect to be flattering, because they know best what they’re worth. Do not give advice on their own initiative, as Rams, but if you ask for their opinions, then you listen carefully, because if you tell the truth unconditionally.

If Mars and Mercury poorly aspected, deliberate lie just to hurt, act as spies, instinctively destroy all noble and sublime, because they filled an inexplicable hatred. Understand even what is not spoken boldly putting at the disposal of its enormous power and feeble, if any of them associated the same idea. Fiercely ambitious, fundamental, and if they wish, may be unsurpassed workers. The persistence that borders on fanaticism does not allow them to leave to start a business, but it does not perform ideally. Generally speaking, with them in anything is not easy to compete.

3. Love

Passionate and possessive Scorpio usually dominated by their loved ones. Relationship with them involves extremes of all kinds, from the exalted emotions, shine, spiritual elevation, to the darkness and destruction. With representatives of this sign is the hardest to live. Great are perfectionists, possessiveness, it often leads to sadism, most often bullied the ones they love most. Burdened by the doubts and seeking absolute commitment. They are very mystical and misunderstood, carry with them a kind of fatalism.

The true feeling of not showing due to unprecedented self-control, so you will never be clear on what you are. His secrets to reveal, but will do everything to figure out other people to sway. Do not tolerate threats and blackmail, because they are by nature above them. Do not share compliments to mislead someone. Abandoned seem quiet, leaving you in doubt whether they ever loved. If so, “amputees” part of yourself and forget everything, and for that they do not lack power.

When in love, win at all costs its magnetism. Despise routine and generally accepted norms of behavior and prefer to follow the principles set by themselves. Even when they were most in love, love does not declare and does not idealize, but retained a clear awareness of what they can do. Expecting the Scorpio to their emotions obscure the sense, in the way that it happens shrimp and fish, it is illusory, because they are so romantic and soft, rather than a pink nose black glasses.

If the constant search for love manages to find its own unique life love, Gemini will do anything for her in the literal sense of the word. It will protect the eagle courage, loving and memorable life. So do not be surprised to know that Scorpio is the man or woman of your life goodbye to the “path of no return” and remained faithful to his love for life, excluding any possibility of a re-elects.