Them is impossible to resist: The beauty and infinite attractiveness inherent to this zodiac sign!

They were born to enjoy, going great and a real pleasure to observe people who are born under the sign of Taurus.

Women in the sign of Taurus are born hedonists, tasters, sensitive to all the sweet tastes of life. From a Taurus will best learn how to relax and how to delight every part of the body benefits of the country. Because of these properties, Taurus is the best host of all the signs of the zodiac, because who will host more than once and I can enjoy that. Taurus will welcome you with open arms, fed, watered and will be happy to accompany you. With him in the house always has a cake, wine and a variety of delicacies.

The man born under this sign is a real nice guy, usually a peaceful nature. Very likes the atmosphere at home and enjoy it. A real family type. He can be stubborn and often lazy but he always provide my family financially. When he falls in love, it reveals a wide smile that does not come from the face of the days. In a state that has long been courting until you win the woman he loves, and when he wins, will be even happier because he lives for love. He knows exactly what he wants and what makes him happy. Falls in love with through the stomach, because his greatest love food.

Loyal, dedicated, honest and very jealous. Taurus can be very tolerant and slow, but if he gets mad … will remember that volcano! Usually black hair, eyes and complexion, always beautiful bigger teeth and a broad smile. They often have a problem with weight, which is not surprising for such a gourmet. The woman in this sign is always feminine, somehow always with delightful curves. Even when it is thin, it has a body like an hourglass. The most beautiful women of the world are born in this sign, because the energy Taurus in the female form is a true feminine energy. It is not a flirt, she is a seductress. There is no man on the planet who can resist its charms.