These signs horoscopes are the biggest cowards, is that you? Check who keeps his blanket and called my mom for help when “prigusti” …..

Each of us shy away from darkness to a lesser or greater extent. Check who keeps his blanket and called my mom for help when “prigusti”.

This is the biggest coward of the zodiac. Dear Shrimps, you have no competition. Although occasionally acting up boldness enough someone from behind the scarves that you went over and you are already hooked up to the chandelier. Needless to say, you are afraid of the dark and the fear of darkness does not subside during your maturation. Admit to sleep with the light on, because who knows what lurks out of the closet at night.

One must admit that you’re a little sleep at another location charts coward. Cancer you “sew” for only 0.5 points. For one thing you still recognizes, in emergencies you very openly show your fear, do not be shy. Well done! In some situations that are not so pleasant, you would Ivana Španović envy the sprint.

Not that you’re fearless, but will this text mortally offended. Admit aversion to conflict and prefer you to seamlessly draw. Insects and reptiles guarantee you a panic attack with their appearance, so you do not fall and spring the favorite season. However, when you “heart drop to fifth,” you do the best you know how to zakamuflirate.

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