These zodiac signs are the biggest manipulators

Probably each of us once in my life I felt betrayed. Most, however, was not even aware of what was happening until the situation led it becomes quite confusing.

Even those who make the “good guy” can, when needed, to serve manipulation. It depends on the situation and the people who are concerned. However, for five zodiac signs are considered to be true masters at it.


It is very resourceful, but do not let fooled. These are people who are very suspicious and mysterious. Excellent leaders and are very convincing, but will allow for a few moments to impose the blame for something that is absolutely not guilty. There will always turn out that they were right. The real masters of manipulation and they know it.


Crabs are very intuitive as can be and what an advantage, but also your worst nightmare. They are very imaginative, but it is very possible that you will be blamed for something that never happened. Especially when it comes to friendships tend to be very inconvenient friends.


Twins are often imaginary, and their thinking can cause the worst scenarios. They are very hesitant, but will do everything to look very confident. Tkaođe are social, but when the parties concerned are ready for anything. However, with you will be home very grave regretting what happened.


They are completely selfless and willing to help. Once so eager to help others to question whether they do it for selfish reasons. What happens ponedak. They like to play the role of victim, and will often act as a cool person, and in the end came crying.


Women of this sign are incredibly passionate, but most of them likes to take control. She is a person that will be discussed ad infinitum, until it is proved that he was right. Also, you can not always know when you’re acting, and when it is truthful. The same is the case with the manipulation of what are very good.