These zodiac signs will make you a mess of life

Believe in astrology or not, there are some links to each of us to recognize in yourself, your family members, friends or partner. And while some character traits worthy of praise, others no one wants to admit that they fit with your name. Find out which zodiac signs are the most dangerous as partners!


Faithfulness: If in his head that’s not it, fraud occurs suddenly and is not rare. But if you are sincerely fall in love, Leo loves with all his heart.

Jealousy: 75 percent


Fidelity: They like the security and happiness that brings them strong and stable relationship. They are not prone to fraud and loyal partners. The temptation to them is not a problem, and he will certainly resist.

Jealousy: 65 percent


Faithfulness: Although you might want to be faithful and loyal, their charm is really hard to resist. If you are not in a serious relationship, they love to flirt, even when they do not want anything more than friendship, which can confuse the other side. But when we sincerely fall in love, Gemini are trying to meet a partner and to be faithful.

Jealousy: 25 percent


Faithfulness: If their relationship is good and worth keeping and maintenance, Cancer will be loyal and faithful to the end. However, given their fairly large appetites, a strong link in their eyes can easily turn into something that is not worth saving. While happy, Cancer is faithful.

Jealousy: 85 percent


Faithfulness: With the right words and gestures, Lava can easily seduce, but it does not mean they will sacrifice their relationship, but to put on the scales and evaluate what suits him more. It has a very strong ego, which is why it is difficult to impress.

Jealousy: 80 percent


Faithfulness: Device are very faithful and loyal, and they expect the same from its partners. Does this character in the long-term relationship can become unstable, especially if he likes someone’s flattery. It’s hard to fall in love.

Jealousy: 40 percent


Fidelity: Weighing love to experiment and weighed both in life in general, and respect, which is why we can say that i have not been faithful partners. They enjoy and love adventures and difficult to tame. But if you succeed in whom remain long in relation happy and in love.

Jealousy: 50 percent


Faithfulness: Scorpio is known as a great charmers and deceivers, because of the crafty, and dialed say, but because of the strong sex appeal that radiated. Although adventurous and like to try new things, if you choose a partner for life, it will be paid.

Jealousy: 90 percent


Fidelity: They are very socially active and popular, which is why their loyalty is not mentioned as a good feature. They want a stable relationship, but they are at times willing to afford retirement avanturicu.

Jealousy: 20 percent


Faithfulness: This sign stands firmly on the ground and he did not need no flattery in order to satisfy their needs. They are very faithful and loyal, and they expect the same from partners. They are ready to suffer for true love.

Jealousy: 30 percent


Faithfulness: Very unpredictable affair, which is difficult to control. Vole Games, which often “bogged down” in unbelief. They are very insecure in love, which makes them vulnerable and prone to experimentation.

Jealousy: 10 percent


Faithfulness: Fish are very open and love to swim in social and romantic waters. Relationship their long and stable. When vole, vole sincere, and will show their works, but also, im not Stand by.

Jealousy: 70 percent