They have no “white lies”: Three Burcu who always tells the truth no matter how harsh the

There are those who believe that “white lies” will not harm anyone, but it can alleviate the pain and uncertainty of which speak. These are not people born in these three characters!

Burcu best known for his innate honesty is a Sagittarius. Simply, they feel lodges when they lie and are known for their brutal honesty, so terrible that his frankness often know how to hurt others.

If you spend a shooter, after sincerity will “finish off” of Aquarius. They do not know how and do not like to act, lie them loaded and therefore always speak the truth.

“What you see is what you get”, the motto of the Rams that also lead by their inability to lie. He will not lie just to tell you what you want to hear. Rams can not accept people for what they are and why they find it incomprehensible that people lie to pretend.